How to Apply for B-Form (Child Registration Certificate)?

How to Apply for B-Form Child Registration Certificate

Child Registration Certificate (B-Form) is the way to register your newborn with your NADRA record. It is the child’s basic right to obtain a registration certificate from the place of origin. NADRA has been able to automate and facilitate the process of obtaining a Child Registration Certificate. Also known as B-Form. In this article, we will share complete guide on how to apply for B-Form (Child Registration Certificate) and fee structure as well.

A Child Registration Certificate can be obtained by providing documented evidence of the birth of a child from the union council. Parents must have a National Identity Card (NIC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistan (NICOP) to apply for CRC (B-Form), and you need to visit the NADRA Registration Center (NRC).

How to Apply for B-Form (Child Registration Certificate

How to Apply for B-Form (Child Registration Certificate)

You can apply for Child Registration Certificate (CRC) by visiting the nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC).

  • You will be issued a token
  • Your photograph will be captured
  • Your fingerprints and signature will be taken
  • Required data entry will be done and form will be printed to be reviewed by yourself
  • You will be handed a printed version of your application form.

After the B-form is printed and issued to you, submit the form to the concerned NRC after it is attested by the gazetted officer. If you have a spouse at the time of applying at NRC, his biometrics can be taken, so you don’t need to validate the form.

Fee Structure (B-Form)

If you apply for Form B from a regular NADRA office, it will cost you PKR 50 and will take more time to process. On the other hand, if you visit the NADRA Executive Center, the application fee for CRC will be PKR 500 and the process may take a few days. The latter option is more convenient and hassle-free, but can be more expensive. For more information about the fee structure, you can contact the official NADRA phone number by calling 051-111-786-100.

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