How to Apply for a Pakistani Passport? A Step-by-Step Guide

Pakistani Passport


Are you preparing to travel abroad and planning to apply for a Pakistani Passport? This comprehensive guide will easily walk you through the complete process of applying for a passport in Pakistan. In addition, you will have complete understanding about the types of passports, eligibility criteria, required documents, and the application process. So let’s get started!

Types of Passports in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are total three types of Passports:

  1. Regular Passport: This passport is normally issued to ordinary citizens for personal, business, or educational travel purposes.
  2. Official Passport: This type of passport is issued to only senior government officials for official government trips, and known as a “Service Passport” as well.
  3. Diplomatic Passport: This type of passport is exclusively issued to Pakistani diplomats and senior government officials for the official travel purposes.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Pakistani Passport

To apply for any of above type of official passport in Pakistan, you must meet the below mentioned criteria:

  1. Must be a Pakistani citizen.
  2. Must have a valid National Identity Card (NIC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).

Documents Required to apply for a Pakistani Passport

In order to apply for a Pakistani Passport, you have to prepare first the following documents:

  1. Original National Identity Card (NIC) or NICOP
  2. Photocopy of NIC or NICOP
  3. Two latest passport-sized photographs with white background
  4. Valid Police Character Certificate (for official and diplomatic passports)
  5. Any additional supporting documents (if required)

The Application Process for a Pakistani Passport

The process of applying for a Pakistan Passport consists of below mentioned steps:

  1. Online Registration & appointment: First of all, you needs to visit the website of Directorate General of Immigration & Passports ( and create an account and complete the online application form for a new Pakistani Passport with correct / accurate information as per your valid NIC or NICOP.
  2. Visiting the nearest Passport Office: After creating the account and submission of online application, by email you will receive appointment with date and time. Visit the designated Passport Office on the scheduled date, along with all the required documents.
  3. Document Verification: Your complete documents will be checked and verified by the staff at the Passport Office. Make sure you present all documents (mentioned above), since you may face rejection of your application, in case of any missing document
  4. Biometric Data Capture: The next step involves capturing your biometrics, including fingerprints and photographs. You needs keep your hands clean and free of any substances (i.e. Hena, dust, injuries) that may affect the quality of your required fingerprints.
  5. Payment of Passport Fee: Pay the required fee for your desired passport type at the designated bank counter within the Passport Office. Keep the fee deposit receipt, as you will need it for future reference.

Passport Delivery

After completing the above application process for Pakistani Passport, it will be delivered to the provided address in your application within the stipulated time. And it’s east to track the status of your passport application online through the DGIP website.

Passport Renewal

If you need to apply for renewal of your Pakistani Passport, if it is about to expire or already expired. The application process is similar to above mentioned process of applying for a new passport. And accordingly you’ll need to register and complete an online application on DGIP website, and submit the required documents, with renewal fee. It’s highly recommended to start the renewal process of your passport at least 3 – 6 months before expiration date to avoid any inconvenience while traveling.

Lost or Stolen Passports

In case your Pakistani Passport is unluckily stolen or lost, you needs to immediately report to the nearest police station and obtain a Police Report. You will need to submit this Police Report along with your passport application. The application process in this case is also similar to above mentioned process of new passport. However, additional fees may apply for the replacement passport.

Tips for a Smooth Application Process

Here are some useful tips to ensure a hassle-free passport application experience:

  1. Double-check your application form for any errors or discrepancies before submission.
  2. Make sure your photographs meet the specified requirements.
  3. Keep all the required application documents ready and in order.
  4. Arrive at the Passport Office before your scheduled appointment time to avoid any delay.
  5. Keep track of your passport application status online to stay updated.


Applying for a passport in Pakistan is easy and simple process if you understand and follow the guidelines with the required documents. You’ll be able to obtain your passport in a timely manner with clear understanding of different types of passports, eligibility criteria, and the application process.


  1. Can I apply for a new or renewal or lost Pakistani Passport if I’m living abroad?

Yes, you can apply for a new, renewal or lost of Pakistani passport through the Pakistani consulate or embassy in your residing country. The application process may slightly different, so it is suggested to check with the consulate or embassy for complete details and required requirements.

  1. Usually, how long does it take to get a new or renewed Pakistani passport?

The processing time for a Pakistani passport depends on the type of passport and the selected processing category (normal or urgent). Usually, it takes 10-20 working days for Normal processing and 4-7 working days for Urgent processing.

  1. What is the validity period of a Pakistani passport?

A Pakistani passport is generally valid for 5 – 10 years, depends on type of passport and applicant’s age and some other factors.

  1. Can I get my passport renewed before it expires?

Yes, you can apply for the renewal of your passport 3 – 6 months before the expiration date. This will ensure that you have a valid passport when planning international travel.

  1. What should I do if there’s an error in my passport details?

If you notice any mistakes or errors in your new or renewed passport details, immediately report the issue to the nearest Passport Office or the issuing authority if you are living abroad. In this case, you may be required to submit an application for a corrected passport, along with the necessary supporting documents as proof for corrections.

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