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Best Air Coolers in Pakistan

Best Air Coolers in Pakistan – The Ultimate Guide 2024

Air or room coolers are a most essential for everyone, especially when the mercury starts to rise in summer. A more economical option is to turn on the air coolers after the fan doesn’t help. However, for many, it’s the only chance to stay cool all summer long with Best Air Coolers in Pakistan. Due […]

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LPG Price in Pakistan Today

LPG Price in Pakistan Decreased Now Up To Rs. 539

Great news for everyone! This month, the LPG price in Pakistan has decreased slightly. The price of OGRA LPG has dropped by Rs. 11.88 per kg for domestic cylinders and up to Rs. 539 for commercial cylinders today. The main reason for this decline seems to be the drop in global oil prices. As a […]

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CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme: Roshan Gharana Program 2024

Do you remember the amazing introduction of CM Punjab Bike Scheme? Now get ready for another game changer: a free solar panel scheme for the people of Punjab! Yes, you read that right. The government is preparing to distribute 50,000 solar panels to households in the region. Now let’s see the details of CM Punjab […]

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Smart Inverter Fridge

Smart Inverter Fridge with Smart Saving Now in Pakistan

Haier, a leading home appliance brand, is dedicated to enriching lives by promoting inspired living. With its commitment to sustainability, Haier has introduced its latest refrigerator with Smart Inverter technology in Pakistan. Consistently, Haier stands as the only brand that meets the needs of consumers, strengthening its position as a market leader. Made in Pakistan, […]

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Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024: The Ultimate Guide

From luxury to necessity, solar panels are fast becoming household staples in Pakistan. First seen on the roof of the rich. But these days, even the middle class is holding onto their hard-earned cash because of rising energy prices. In addition, various tax reductions and subsidies for the installation of solar panels by the government […]

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