5 Best Humidifiers in Pakistan – The Ultimate Guide

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan

Did you know that moderate humidity in the air is good for us in many ways? The average humidity level is 30% to 60% (optimally 40%-50%). In some parts of Pakistan this level is not maintained and humidity drops below 30%. Especially in the early season when most of the country is dry and the air is filled with smog. That’s when moisturizers can be very helpful for us. In this article, we will explain complete details about best humidifiers in Pakistan, including uses, types and what they do for health.

What is a Humidifier?

For those unfamiliar with humidity, it is the amount of vapor/water content in the air. A humidifier is a device that emits water vapor into the air to increase or maintain humidity in a specific area. There are different types of moisturizers. The most common are room humidifiers in Pakistan.

What is the use of humidifier?

Humidifiers are devices that add moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many areas of the body. Moisturizers can be more effective in treating dry skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can relieve some of the symptoms caused by the common cold or flu.

Benefits of Humidifiers

Usually most peoples use heaters excessively in winter without any precaution. But few understands that excessive use of heaters in winter can left the air completely dry, which can cause many health problems for you and your loved ones.

A humidifier simply moisturizes the air and provides more benefits than you can imagine. It can help prevent flu, improve sleep quality, prevent wood damage, and provide many other benefits. Want to know more about the benefits of moisturizer? Let’s look at the most important ones here.

Prevent Flu (Influenza)

First benefit of Humidifier is that, it helps prevent flu (Influenza). According to research, when the indoor humidity level is below 23%, the flu transmission rate (the ability to transmit it through respiratory droplets) is between 70%-77%. If the indoor humidity is higher than 43%, this level is lower (between 14%-22%). Because humidity above 40% block virus particles, making them weak and less dangerous.

In her home, a sick Caucasian woman, covered with a blanket sitting on the sofa sneezing or coughing in her elbow while holding thermometer

Improved Sleep & Reduced Snoring

Dry weather is one of the main causes of shortness of breath. This is because the dryness absorb moisture from the airways, which can cause or worsen the condition (if the problem already exists). A humidifier can prevent this because it keep and maintain the moisture in the air. It helps moisturize your airways, especially the tissue at the back of your throat, which prevents irritation.

Reduce the Dry Skin

Being in a constantly dry environment can damage your skin. Few peoples knows 64% of our skin is kind of water. So, it needs the right moist conditions to be healthy. In the first season of winter, many of us have problems with dry skin, chapped lips, dandruff and hair loss.

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan

A humidifier can help combat them, because you can maintain the level of humidity in your room or living area. This helps keep the dryness out (at least in your home or offices).

Relieve Asthma, Dry Throat, and Congestion

As everyone knows that dryness in the air can cause irritation the throat. And if a person is exposed to a dry environment for a long period of time, his / her vocal cords more likely to become dry and scratchy. This is why many of us experience changes in voice and tone when exposed to prolonged dry conditions.

Dry conditions can also be bad for asthma patients and can cause congestion if people stay in this environment for a long time. So there are humidifiers to rescue in such situation by retaining moisture to prevent dry throat and congestion and relieve asthma.

Prevents Static Electricity

Did you know that static electricity increases during the dry season? It can be annoying if it has anything to do with your hair. It also increases the chance of sparks and build up static, which can damage sensitive electronics. The best way to protect against static spark is to keep your environment moist. That’s another reason why a humidifier is good for you and your home.

Prevent Damage of Wooden Furniture

Dryness can seriously damage our furniture, doors, cupboards, decorative wooden items and more made of wood. A chronically dry environment can cause wood to crack, scale, and lose joints. A humidifier can prevent this damage by maintaining a smooth and comfortable environment in your home.

Keep the Area Warm

It is interesting to know that the moisture in the air can keep the place warm rather than cold. OK! We use different methods to keep our room warm in winter. When air is more humid, it stays warm for a longer period of time compared to dry air. This is because water molecules retain heat longer. Even in winter it is recommended to use heaters and humidifiers because the combination gives a comfortable feeling of warmth.

Beneficial for Indoor Plants

Humidifiers are also important for peoples who have indoor plants. Most indoor plants suffer if the weather is too dry. It can even cause loss of leaves, dry ends and growth. Using a moisturizer can help prevent this and support the healthy indoor plants.

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan

Now we all knows the benefits of Humidifiers in our daily life, let’s have a look on best humidifiers in Pakistan by brand, size, specifications and prices.

Beurer Air Humidifier (LB 88)

If you are looking for high quality Humidifier, Beurer LB 88 is one of the best humidifiers in Pakistan. A versatile option with a large 6L water bottle and adjustable options. It is even suitable for aromatherapy in rooms up to 48 square meters. Here are the key features:

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan
Bran / ModelBeurer Air Humidifier (LB 88)
Output in watts16 – 280 Watts
Product dimensions29.5 x 19.5 x 28 cm (approx.)
Water Tank Capacity6L (Removable Water Tank)
Humidification RateUp to 550 ml/h
Coverage Area48 square meters
Other Features– Ultrasound humidification technology
– Aromatherapy
– Quiet Operation
– Hygienic Water Vapor
– Automatic switch-off with display function
– Illuminated Operating Ring

Beurer Humidifier Price in Pakistan

You can find this best humidifier for approx. Rs.30,000 in Pakistan.

Xiaomi Humidifier (Smart Humidifier 2)

Xiaomi offers the best humidifiers in Pakistan and the Smart Humidifier 2 is no exception. It has a 4.5L tank that can run continuously for up to 32 hours. Check out the details:

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan
Brand / ModelXiaomi Humidifier (Smart Humidifier 2)
Voltage220 V~
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated power (Watts)28 Watts
Product dimensions19×33.5 cm (approx.)
Water tank capacity4.5L
Humidification rateUp to 350 ml/h
Other Features– Up to 32 hrs of continuous operation with full tank*
– Smart humidity control (automatic mode to prevent excessive humidity)
– UV-C ultraviolet rays sterilization & Purification: Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria* 
– Whisper-quiet 32 dB operation
– Add water without lifting the lid 
– Dual rotating mist dispenser 360° rotation for whole-room coverage 

Xiaomi Humidifier Price in Pakistan

Current price of Xiaomi humidifier is in the range of Rs.14,000 to Rs.15,000.

Certeza Humidifier (Ultrasonic Air Humidifier HF-507)

For a budget-friendly but branded option, consider the Certeza Ultrasonic Air Humidifier HF-507. A cool device with 7 LED colors and an aroma diffuser for aromatherapy. Here’s what you need to know more about:

Brand / ModelCerteza Ultrasonic Air Humidifier HF-507
Dimensions16.0 x 24.0 x 6.0 cm (approx.)
Power output22 Watts
Water Tank Capacity2.8L
Humidification rateUp to 280 ml/hr
Other Features– Ultrasonic micro-fine humidification
– 7-color LED light with continuous and fixed color option
– Aroma diffuser function
– Included water filter for hard water
– Suitable for rooms up to 30 square meters
– Easy to clean design
– Adjustable vapor flow rate
– The visible water level in the tank

Certeza Humidifier Price in Pakistan

You can find Certeza humidifier for approx. Rs.8,000.

Miniso Humidifier (Essential Oil Humidifier)

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan – If you are looking for a mid-range humidifier without compromising on quality, the Miniso Essential Oil Humidifier is a great choice. You can also use it as an aroma diffuser. Although detailed technical information is not available, what we do know is:

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan
Brand / ModelMiniso (Essential Oil Humidifier)
Water tank capacity110ml (recommended)
Type2 in 1 humidifier & diffuser

Miniso Humidifier Price in Pakistan

This budget friendly humidifier is available for approx. Rs.7,500 to Rs.8,000.

Beurer Mini Air Humidifier (LB 12)

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan – If you want a Beurer humidifier with low budget, don’t worry! The Beurer Mini Air Humidifier is here to meet your needs at an affordable price compared to the Beurer humidifiers mentioned above. However, it is only suitable for small rooms up to 20 square meters. Let’s see the details.

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan
Brand / ModelBeurer Mini Air Humidifier (LB 12)
Output in watts12 Watts
Water TankBottle Type
Humidification rateUp to 80 ml/h
Coverage Area20 square meters
Other Features– Ultrasonic nebulization
– Quiet operation
– Illuminated mist outlet
– Automatic switch-off

Beurer Mini Air Humidifier Price in Pakistan

This Beurer mini humidifier is available in market for approx. Rs.11,000.

Chinese Made Humidifiers

There are many Chinese humidifiers available at very low prices in market, some of them available for Rs.1000. However, the quality, performance, room coverage and other factors may vary compared to the models. If you are on a tight budget, you may choose among Chinese made models in market.

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Conclusion (Best Humidifiers in Pakistan)

Best Humidifiers in Pakistan – We have discussed many benefits of Humidifiers and its importance, especially in the dry season of winter. We also shared the top and budget-friendly options, allowing you to choose based on your budget and specific needs.

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