Electric Bike Price in Pakistan: Save 70% on Fuel Cost Now!

Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

Zyp Technologies, a promising startup, has emerged in Pakistan amid rising petrol prices. This initiative could not have come at a better time when Pakistan is struggling with rising fuel prices. With climate change and fuel costs reaching unprecedented levels, electric motorcycles offer fleet operators a lifeline. The goal is to save 70% of gasoline costs while contributing to environmental sustainability by preventing air pollution. Let’s have a look on Zyp’s Pakistan-made Electric Bike Price in Pakistan and some more details.

Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

The company has big plans to produce 8,000 domestic electric motorcycles, starting with an attractive price of Rs.450,000. To realize this concept, Zyp Technologies has received seed funding of $1.2 million from Indus Valley Money, a start-up venture capital fund to support Pakistani entrepreneurs.

It has also started a state-of-the-art assembly line initially capable of producing up to 8,000 electric motorcycles annually, meeting the needs of businesses and individual consumers in Pakistan.

The approximate cost of Zyp’s upcoming electric bikes will range from Rs150,000 to Rs450,000 depending on model. Additionally, Zyp Technologies has grand plans to establish around 4,000 charging stations across the country. Zyp Technologies can be the answer to the Pakistan needs in current difficult economical situation, looking forward to a brighter and more prosperous future.

Petrol Prices in Pakistan

With climate change and rising fuel prices in Pakistan, this solution allows motorcycle fleet operators to save up to 70% on fuel costs and eliminate air pollution emissions, making operations sustainable and environmentally beneficial.

In recent days, the caretaker government in Pakistan has raised the price of gasoline and diesel by more than Rs.14 per liter, crossing the 300 mark.

The finance ministry said the increase was due to “rising oil prices in the international market and fluctuating exchange rates”.

Currently, the price of gasoline is Rs.305.36 per liter and the price of high speed diesel (HSD) is Rs.311.84 per liter.

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