How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft – The Ultimate Guide

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft – Car theft of any type is not a pleasant or happy experience at all. Stealing things left on the seat, stealing the car itself, or stealing the wheels from the car – it happens now everywhere more than you think – and theft is not something you want to experience.

Expensive car accessories and other items on display are especially attractive to thieves. Wallet, phone, cash, laptop, even just a pair of glasses. Thieves will steal and these items also come with the added bonus of free returns if they steal the car. But sometimes all thieves need is a set of wheels they can grab and just sell them for some cash.

While we can’t help you track them down, we can certainly give you some quick and useful tips How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft. So continue with us.

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft (Easy Tips)

The following tips will not cost you anything, but guide you how to prevent car wheel theft. In the last portion, we will also highlight some tips that require you to buy special tools or tire accessories to protect your tires as well.

Turn Your Wheels

When parking your vehicle, turn your wheels at a 45 degree angle. It will make it more difficult for a thief to remove the nuts because it gets access to the interior window.

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft

Park Next To The Curb

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft? Tips No. 2 is when parking in an empty lot, park as close to the wall as possible. While this will expose two tires, it will expose the other two for the wall. If there is street parking, park as close as possible to the parking lot. This will prevent thieves from jacking under your car.

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft

Park In A Well Lighted Area

This is obvious and we believe you already know this, but a gentle reminder to park in a lighted area because this crime usually occurs at night and early in the morning. Also, try to park in a place that is not abandoned, has a security cameras, or where your car can be seen.

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft with some special tools. The following tips will require you to purchase special equipment, but will improve the safety of your car.

Get An Alarm With A Sensor

We’re not talking about the standard car alarm that goes off when someone tries to break into it. Instead, there is an alarm system that goes off when the angle of your car changes. For example, if a thief puts a jack under your car and drives away, the angle of your car will change, which will set off the alarm.

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft

Car Wheel Lock

A wheel lock, called a wheel guard, locks a nut shell like nothing else. A thief can’t steal a wheel if he can’t get to the lug nuts.

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft (4)

You may have seen them in movies or abroad. In many countries, the police attach this to cars whose owners violate traffic laws. You cannot move the vehicle locked with these types of locks and also thieves can’t steal the wheel wherever you park the vehicle. So, while preventing wheel theft, you can also prevent car theft. However, they are time-consuming to attach to wheels and may require some special tools.

Lug Nut Locks

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft (Best Tip) – On each wheel, replace one of the lug nuts with a key, which requires a special tool to remove the lug. You can use them yourself or hire a mechanic.

How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft

This is it. Don’t be surprised if such robberies disappear when the police start noticing these crimes. Some crimes are ‘seasonal’ – you will hear that a gang or gangs commit crimes at a certain time and then disappear without ever being caught.

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Conclusion (How to Prevent Car Wheel Theft)

If the tire thieves stop today, they will start again tomorrow or someday. Tires are easier to steal than cars, they are easily sold on the black market, unlike cars wheels cannot be tracked, but same as cars they sell them also at a good price.

In short, car tire theft can be prevented with some smart tips and accessories as mentioned above.

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