Ride Star 125 Price in Pakistan, Latest Specs & Features

Ride Star 125 Price in Pakistan

Tired of fueling at gas pumps everyday? Ride Star has best cost and time saving solution for you. After the success of the Ride Star 70cc hybrid model, Ride Star have launched a powerful Ride Star 125 electric bike for those looking for a daily traveling and usage on rough roads. So, in this article will cover the Ride Star 125 Price in Pakistan, also the Specifications and latest Features.

Ride Star 125 Price in Pakistan

Let’s start with Ride Star 125 Price in Pakistan.

Ride Star 125 Price in Pakistan

Ride Star 125 electric bike price in Pakistan is around 3.6 Laacs (according to company representative). However, currently it is trial price and are subject to change.

Ride Star 125 Hybrid (Specifications & Features)

Here are the specifications and features of the Ride Star RS-125 EV.

Battery power60v-32 Amp (lithium iron phosphate)
Battery voltage60V
Distance (eco mod)100 km to 120 km
Top speed80 km/h
Controller2500 Watt
ShocksFront/rear telescopic heavy duty
Weight85 kg

Here are the detailed specifications and features of the Ride Star RS-125 EV.

Muscle on Wheels: The Ride Star 125 roars with the powerful 2500W electric motor you’d expect from a 125 model.

Durability Extraordinaire: With a high-capacity 60V-32 amp lithium iron phosphate battery, this electric motorcycle gives you the freedom to explore. In Eco mode, you can travel 100 to 120 kilometers on a single charge, eliminating the need for constant charging.

Speed ​​Meets Safety: The Ride Star 125 EV offers an exciting top speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour while ensuring safety. Whether you’re racing or embarking on an adventure, this motorcycle strikes the perfect balance between speed and handling.

Smooth sailing: Designed with front and rear telescopic heavy-duty shocks, the Ride Star 125 EV also offers excellent stability, absorbs bumps and jumps on the road, and provides a comfortable ride.

Light and Agile: Despite its strong performance, this motorcycle maintains a lightweight design of only 85 kilograms. This makes it flexible, maneuverable and suitable for riders of all skill levels.

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So what do you thing about this new electric motor bike? Well, the Ride Star 125 electric bike has EV wheels in the competitive world. The reliable 2.5 kW motor positions it as a performance-oriented and economical electric motor.

So, are you going to buy the Ride Star 125 EV? Tell us in the comments section below.

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