United 150: Bike that Challenges Honda & Suzuki’s Dominance

United 150

United has launched its 150cc bike in Pakistan and it has gained popularity due to its affordable price. After the launch, many bike enthusiasts will wonder how it stacks up against other popular 150cc bikes. OK! Get ready to be amazed because we are here to share a comparison between United 150 vs Honda 150 vs Suzuki 150.

Let’s start with the design!

Design: The Ultimate Winner (United 150)

All 3 wheels have an unusual shape. United 150 & Honda CB 150F have a sportier look, while Suzuki 150 is a mix of modern and classic design. Between the Honda 150 & United 150, there is a bit more modern styling thanks to the modern rails and elevated stylish silencer.

United 150

Both Honda and United have the same fuel tank and light design. However, the Suzuki is the most interesting here because of its mixed (modern and traditional) body design.

Which Bike Performs the Best? 

Let’s see the engine and performance of Suzuki 150 Vs United 150 Vs Honda 150.

Engine SpecsUnited 150Honda CB150FSuzuki GR 150
Engine Type4-Stroke SOHC Single Cylinder cooled by Air4 Stroke SOHC  Air Cooled 150cc Engine with Balancer4-Stroke, Air-cooled, OHC
Displacement149cc149.2 cc149cc

Looking at the engine specs, all the bikes look very competitive. There is almost no difference in papers. Only the Suzuki GR 150 has an alternative engine option (OHC), which by definition is slightly better than the SOHC engine (in United 150 and Honda 150cc bikes). So, we need to see the actual performance of all the three bikes before we can say anything about the winner.

Specifications & Features

Specs & FeaturesUnited 150Honda CB150FSuzuki GR 150
Front BrakeDisk BrakeDisk BrakeDisk Brake
Rear BrakeDrum MechanicalDrum MechanicalDrum Mechanical
Starting SystemArm Assy Kick/Self StartKick/Self StartKick/Self Start
Fuel Tank Capacity13 L13 L12.5 L
Tyre Front80/100-18MC (47P)80/100 – 18M/C (47P)2.75-18
Tyre Rear90/90-18MC (51P)90/90 – 18M/C (51P)90/90-18 M/C
ColorsGrey, Black & Red Grey, Black & Red Black & Red 

Again, all three wheels come out on top in terms of specs and features. Only Suzuki GR150 comes with a small (negligible) fuel tank capacity. So, not much to talk about here.

Price Comparison

Mentioned above are the main differences between the three bikes. Let’s see their prices here.

United 150Honda CB150FSuzuki GR 150
Rs.270,000Red & Black: Rs.473,900Rs.521,000
Gray: Rs.477,900

United 150 is the clear winner here as it is the cheapest among others. All the features and specifications are comparable to other bikes and the price is very economical.

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Conclusion (United 150)

Overall, United 150 competes with Honda 150 and Suzuki 150. However, it is more winning more points due to it’s price compare to other 2 bikes, which are While the other 2 wheelers cost around Rs 5 lakh, the price is less than Rs 3 lakh. We can’t really say how it will perform, but on paper it will be a strong contender for the others.

Which bike do you prefer? Tell us in the comments section below.

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