10 Best Safety Tips For Car Driving in Fog or Smog

10 Best Safety Tips For Car Driving in Fog

Invisibility or poor visibility due to dense fog often leads to major accidents on the roads, especially on highways and motorways. Fog or smog-related incidents can happen anywhere, and people not considering the safety can face it. Therefore, knowing safety tips for car driving in fog or smog can make all the difference.

Safety Tips For Car Driving in Fog

In an ideal world, we would never have to drive in fog, because driving in heavy or dense fog is never ideal and full of risks, no matter how experienced you’re on the road. However, just staying at home in foggy weather and not moving around is not always an option. So, if you must have to drive in fog, keep the following safety tips in mind, and you’ll be in a better position to reach your destination safely.

Best Safety Tips For Car Driving in Fog

Leave Early From Home or Work

If it usually takes 15 minutes to get somewhere on a normal day, allow 1 hour or more during fog. You won’t panic over time or make things worse for yourself and others down the road.

Use Horn Freely

The often-crowded streets of Pakistan are quieter when it’s foggy. Fog limits your visibility, not your hearing. Therefore, use the horn as much as possible to let others know your presence. This is one of the best tips for driving during foggy weather.

Use Hazards, Low Beams and Fog Lights

Want to know how to see while driving in fog or smog? OK! Many drivers turn their high beam to be more visible; which is a big mistake. The use of high beams during fog creates glare, which further reduces visibility. Instead, use a low beam to tell the person in front of you about your presence and a high beam for the person behind you. It’s recommended to use fog lights, if available. If you want to buy fog lights, please check the market for the suitable one for your vehicle, because not all fog lights are the same.

Slow Down and Increase Your Distance From Other Cars

The faster you drive, the less time you have to react to certain situations. Let’s say, if you need to stop suddenly in fog or smog, you will have very short time. etc. So slow down and drive slowly to secure your reaction time.

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Keep your Windows Mirror Down

This will help you hear, rather than see, cars and other emergency vehicles on the road.

Use Roadside Reflectors As A Guide

Follow the roadside reflectors to make sure you’re not driving off the road and better navigate the road’s twists and turns. Safety Tips For Car Driving in Fog.

Stay Focused

Driving safely in fog requires your full attention. So listening to music, talking to other passengers in the car or talking on the phone while driving is not a good idea.

Make Use Of Defrosters and Windshield Wipers

Use glass cleaner and defroster to reduce glare and remove excess moisture on the windshield.

Use The Edge Of A Road As A Guide

Check the right side of the road to make sure you don’t accidentally end up in the middle of the road. This method will help you stay on track.

Keep Moving Or Pull Over

The rule of thumb when driving in dense or thick fog is to follow the headlights of the car in front of you while maintaining a safe distance. However, this may not always be possible because the traffic on the road is often less. If you feel lost while driving, don’t stop in the middle of the road because that’s a big risk. Other cars won’t be able to see you while stopping in the middle or stop in time if you stop suddenly. However, if you must stay, make sure it’s off the main road.

Safety Tips For Car Driving in Fog

This is a kind of safety test for drivers while driving in fog or smog. The key is to focus, stay alert, don’t panic, look and act carefully. If you have your own suggestions, please share them in the comments section below.

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