Big Relief for Islamabad Car Owners Upon Transfer

Cars Inspection Islamabad

The automotive industry is experiencing one of the worst times in Pakistan. Car prices have increased several times since last year. Many people proffered to buy used cars instead because of this major reason. In this regard, there is a good news and some relief for car owners in Islamabad looking to sell their vehicles. They no longer needs to bring their cars for physical inspection to Islamabad when transferring.

As the number of cars registered in Islamabad and Punjab is increasing, this is a great initiative to help people. Before this big announcement, vehicles owners in Islamabad had to bring their vehicles to Islamabad for physical inspection as procedure. This practice was a waste of fuel, money and people’s precious time.

With this great news, vehicle owners from Islamabad can also visit inspection centers in Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad for their vehicles inspection prior to transfer. In phase 2, this vehicle inspection service for Islamabad residencies will be available in Karachi and Quetta as well.

As reported in leading media, a smartphone application has been developed to verify vehicle registration numbers and chassis numbers in Punjab and Islamabad – Director General (DG) of Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab.

Note: Although we have contacted the relevant authorities several times, we cannot officially confirm this news yet. The media also reported that this initiative is for car owners in both Islamabad and Punjab, which is yet to be confirmed.


All in all, this not only saves Islamabad car owners fuel costs, but also saves them from the hassle of checking their vehicles in the capital. In this digital age, these types of initiatives can be implemented faster, which can save money. Also, the government should identify the pain points of the people and introduce such policies to reduce them.

What challenges do you face when transferring vehicles? Tell us in the comments section below.

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