Driving License Fee in Punjab: Latest Update January 2024

Driving License Fee in Punjab

The Punjab government is gearing up to implement a new structure of Driving License Fee in Punjab, which has seen a significant increase after two decades.

The revised rates will come into effect on January 1, 2024, and the Punjab government plans to publish advertisements to inform the public about the changes.

Driving License Fee in Punjab

Learner License Fee (January 2024)

The fee for a learner’s driving license increased from 60 to 500, effective January 01, 2024.

Motorcycle Driving License (January 2024)

Previously, the Punjab government charges Rs.550 for a five-year motorcycle license. From January 1, 2024, Punjab residents will have to pay Rs.500 annually for the license.

Car, Jeep Driving License (January 2024)

Earlier, the Punjab government charged Rs.950 for a five-year driving license for a car or jeep. Under the new fee structure, residents must pay Rs.1,800 annually for a license.

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For more information, visit official website of DLIMS Punjab.


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    What was the previous fee for a five-year driving license for a car or jeep, and how has it changed under the new fee structure? Regards

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