Forland Safari Price in Pakistan Reduced by Massive 4 Lacs

Forland Safari Price in Pakistan

It seems that price cuts in the car industry are trending! We are now focusing on Forland Safari price in Pakistan, which has decreased by 4 lacs. Yes, both the 7 and 10 seater variants are now more budget-friendly. Hey, Forland isn’t the only vehicle in Pakistan that slashed the prices. Before that, we witnessed other major players like KIA, Suzuki, and Chery reducing their price tags. It’s like a domino effect, but with a discount!

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the new Forland Safari price in Pakistan:

Forland Safari Price in Pakistan

VariantsOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Difference (Rs.)
Forland Safari 7 Seater3,799,0003,499,000-300,000
Forland Safari 10 Seater3,999,0003,599,000-400,000
Forland Safari Price in Pakistan

On top of the price reduction, Forland also sweetens the deal with an affordable payment plan. With only 50% in advance, you can distribute the rest over 12 monthly installments. In addition, there is no need to wait, Forland Safari is available for immediate delivery. So you can drive right away in your new car!

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Car prices in Pakistan are falling, and there is an obvious reason. Some people seem to be buying cars lately. In March 2024, most car companies except Honda & Sazgar sold more cars compared to the previous year.

To solve this problem, car companies lower their prices to attract more people to buy cars. Now, let’s see how customers react to this low price.

Let’s see if other car companies will drop their prices as well. Only time will tell!

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