How to Get Permanent Driving License in Sindh (Step-by-step)

Permanent Driving License in Sindh

Are you planning to start driving on the roads in Sindh? Obtaining a driving license is necessary for this purpose. This is a legal requirement and important to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and other people on the road. So, here is the step-by-step process to get your Permanent Driving License in Sindh.

In this blog, we will cover driving license procedures, requirements, fees, centers and validation.

Permanent Driving License in Sindh
Permanent Driving License in Sindh

Main Requirements for Permanent Driving License in Sindh

Looking for driving license requirements in Karachi / Sindh? There are requirements you need to know before applying for a driving license in Sindh.

Required Documents

  • Original CNIC and copy.
  • Learner driving license (at least 42 days old)

Age Criteria

  • Non-commercial: Minimum 18 years or above.
  • Commercial: Minimum 21 years of age or above.
  • HTV Endorsement: Minimum 22 years or above.

Competency Test for Permanent Driving License in Sindh

  • Theoretical Test: 25 questions (100 marks)
  • Minimum Passing Criteria: 18 correct answers (72 marks)

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Important Note:

  • Applicants are required to bring their car (now must be in their own name) for the driving test.
  • In case of failure (written or driving test), the candidate can appear for the test after 42 days (following the same procedure).
  • A road drive test is required as per the Third Schedule of Motor Vehicle Rules (1965). The qualified testing officers will explain the complete requirements to the applicant. DLS system shall renew your driving license from the date of the process for further (05). The applicant must have had a driving license for a minimum of three years before applying for HTV category approval.

Disqualification of a applicant to get the driving license in case of suffering from any critical disease or disability in the second schedule, as mentioned below.

Second Schedule

Here are the critical diseases and disabilities that absolutely disqualify a person from obtaining a license to drive a motor vehicle.

  • Epilepsy.
  • Lunacy.
  • Leprocy.
  • Heart disease with a risk of sudden heart attack or fainting.
  • Inability to distinguish a series of seven letters and figures in white on a black board from a distance of twenty-five yards in sufficient daylight.
  • Color blindness, or the inability to readily distinguish the red and green colors.
  • Night blindness.

Procedure to Get a Permanent Driving License in Sindh

Here is a comprehensive guide to apply for a permanent driving license in Sindh.

  • Book an appointment online (DLS Sindh Appointment)
  • Go to the front desk and get application and medical forms.
  • Get your token at the counter.
  • Go to the registration counter on your number.
  • Proceed with the fee.
  • Go to the photo counter.
  • Go for the Medical Test.
  • Written / Sign Test
  • Proceed with the road test.
  • DSP approval
  • Data checking and verification
  • Card printing (sent for printing)
Permanent Driving License in Sindh
Permanent Driving License in Sindh

Important Note:

  • The driving license applicant must book an online appointment.
  • The printed driving license card will arrive in 10 working days after completing the above-mentioned process successfully. (The receipt given to you will permit you to drive during this period).
  • The validity date for the permanent driving license will be 3 / 5 years.

DLS, Pre-Appointment system via Web or Android App to obtain next day booking at the desired slot with driving license Branch, serving driving license applicants under the MVR Rules and SOPs. Moreover, license applicants are advised to wear proper dress at Driving License Branches of Sindh.

Permanent Driving License in Sindh Fees

As mentioned below, please find the fee structure for the permanent driving license in Karachi / Sindh.

CategoryPermanent DLRenewal within 30 daysRenewal after 30 days
Duration3 Year5 Year3 Year5 Year3 Year5 Year
Motor Cycle510660310460435660
Car + Motor Cycle14101860810126011851860
LTV + Motor Cycle14101860810126011851860
HTV + Motor CycleNill1060166015602460

Fixed charges (PKR)

  • Lamination (PKR250)
  • NADRA (PKR65)
  • Medical (PKR100)
  • Correction (PKR310)
  • Duplicate License (PKR360)
  • PSV (PKR500)
  • TCS Karachi (PKR38) / Outside Karachi (PKR55)

Driving License Centers in Karachi

  • Clifton Branch: 5th Zamzama St, Neelam Colony (Nearest landmarks: Do Talwar and Mohatta Palace). Contact: (021) 99250526
  • Korangi Branch: Sector 6A, main causeway, Korangi. 
  • Nazimabad Branch: Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Rd, A-9 Block 4 D/3. Contact: (021) 39926050-6
  • Baldia Town Branch: Traffic Training Institute Baldia Town, Saeedabad (Nearest Landmark: Hub Chowki).


Getting a driving license in Sindh is very easy now. All you have to do is to follow the above steps, fill in the necessary documents and pass the test (writing and driving). Driving without a valid license is not only illegal, but also endangers your life and the lives of others. So, get a valid driving license before you start driving on the road.

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Do you have any other questions related to driving licenses in Sindh? Tell us in the comments section below.

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