Islamabad Announces New Speed Limits on Various Roads

Islamabad Announces New Speed Limits

The Chief Commissioner of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has announced that the speed limit on some city roads has been revised to improve road safety. According to the details, Islamabad announces new speed limits to streamline traffic flow and improve road safety in Islamabad.

It should be noted that Islamabad also changed the speed limit on some roads last year, although studies have shown that slower speeds may lead to more accidents.

Islamabad Announces New Speed Limits

The revised speed limits for Islamabad roads and highways are shown in the table below:

Kashmir Highway8065
Islamabad Highway8065
Murree Road8065Barakahu 30
Constitution Avenue7065
Jinnah Avenue7065
Faisal Avenue7065
Park Road7065
New 7 Avenue7065
New 9 Avenue7065
Lehtrar Road4040
Kahuta Road6060Sihala Bazar-30
I.J. Principal Road60 (Faizabad to Nasirabad)60
Major Roads5050
Dualized Service Road6040
Single Service Road4040
Street and Sectoral Roads3025
Roads/Streets near Schools/Hospital3025

Strict measures are taken to ensure compliance with these rules and strict action is taken against violators. The new speed limit will affect daily commuters in terms of travel time.

Islamabad Announces New Speed Limits

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For more information, visit the official website of Islamabad Traffic.

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