Karachi Green Line Bus Routes, Timings, and Ticket Price

Karachi Green Line Bus

Karachi Green Line Bus – Karachi’s public transport has been significantly improved by the implementation of the Green Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. Modern public transport systems promise to transform the urban transport experience. Launched in early 2022, the first phase of this spectacular project covers 21 kilometers of track and has 22 convenient stations.

Fleet Innovation and Accessibility

To facilitate efficient and comfortable travel, Green Line BRT has introduced 80 diesel hybrid buses with a capacity of 150 passengers each. These buses manufactured by Photon are equipped with the safest features including security cameras and charging ports, ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience.

The main goal of the Green Line BRT is to accommodate approximately 135,000 passengers every day, making urban transportation more convenient than before. Buses arrive at the station every 10 minutes, ensuring minimum waiting time for passengers. This frequent and reliable service is a game changer for daily commuters in Karachi.

First Among Many

Green Line Bus Karachi is the first metro bus line to operate as part of the wider “TransKarachi” project, a comprehensive initiative aimed at addressing transport challenges in the region. As the rollout continues, the Green Line BRT is expected to add more routes and services, offering a comprehensive solution to the transportation woes of the people of Karachi.

Karachi Green Line Bus
Karachi Green Line Bus

Starting Point: Numaish Chowrangi
End point: Surjani Town
Total Distance: 21 km
Total Buses: 80
Number of Stations: 22
Working Hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Ticket Price: Minimum fare is PKR 15, maximum fare is PKR 55

Karachi Green Line Bus Routes and Stops

The Green Line Karachi bus route is divided into 22 stations, each approximately 1 km from the next station. Here is the list of stations:

  1. Surjani Terminal
  2. 4K Chowrangi
  3. North Karachi
  4. UP Morr
  5. Nagan Chowrangi
  6. Sakhi Hassan
  7. Shahrah-e-Jehangir
  8. Hyderi
  9. Shahrah-e-Humayun
  10. Orange Line
  11. North Nazimabad
  12. Eid Gah Bagh
  13. Urdu Bazaar
  14. Gul Bahar
  15. Lasbela
  16. Guru Mandir
  17. Numaish Chowrangi
  18. Agha Khan III Road
  19. Aurangzeb Market
  20. Merewether Tower
  21. Karachi Port Trust
  22. Karachi City Station

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Karachi Green Line Bus Ticket Prices

Green Line Bus service offers an affordable travel experience with a minimum fare of PKR 15 and a maximum fare of PKR 55 per trip. The Total Green Line Bus fare is set at PKR 55 per ticket, regardless of distance.

Karachi Green Line Metrobus card can be purchased from just PKR 100 for daily travel. Users can recharge the card to meet their daily transportation needs. The Metrobus card reduces the cost of traveling by Green Line bus in Karachi to PKR 5 per station, including the base fare of PKR 15.

Karachi Green Line Bus Timings

The Green Line bus service in Karachi operates seven days a week, making it a reliable travel option for daily commuters. Buses are available from 7am to 10pm, providing excellent transportation for various purposes such as work, school or personal travel.

Karachi Green Line Bus Mobile App

Government of Sindh in association with SIDCL and Ministry of Planning and Development has launched Breeze App for BRT users in Karachi.

The Breeze app offers several features including real-time bus tracking, bill top-up and purchase of metro cards and tickets for both services. The Breeze App, available for free download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, provides passengers with access to the tools they need for a smooth and hassle-free journey on Green Line Karachi buses.

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