How to Get Vehicle Registration Number of Your Choice in Punjab

Registration Number of Choice

Are you tired of regular vehicle registration numbers? In Punjab, there’s a way to stand out on the road—by securing a registration number of your choice. Discover the process, benefits, and factors to consider when aiming for a personalized vehicle registration number.

Vehicle Registration Number

Understanding the Process

You can easily get vehicle registration number of your choice in Punjab through E-Auction App. Follow the steps below to get a vehicle registration number of your choice in Punjab:

  • Download Punjab E-Auction App (Android).
  • Register an account and login.
  • Select the desired registration number from the given series.
  • The starting price of the auction for the selected number will be displayed in the App.
  • After selecting the desired registration number, enter your CNIC number and vehicle registration number.
  • They will give you a PSID, which you will use to deposit Rs.100 as challan fee via JazzCash.
  • By this you can auction motorcycle registration plates.
  • In case of vehicle, you have to deposit the allotted face value amount through payment order at Punjab Excise office.
  • The auction date and time will be given to you in the E-Auction Application.
  • Auction will be via application only.
  • If your auction amount is the highest, you must pay this amount and the registration fee and get the desired registration number.
  • The list of winners has been uploaded to the E-Auction application.
  • All records to date are publicly available.

Note: You will need to use an older version of Android to use the E-Auction app, as it is not available on Android 13 and above.

Factors to Consider

Before diving in, consider various factors. Availability of specific numbers might be limited, and there could be constraints due to legal requirements. Additionally, costs may vary based on the uniqueness and demand for the chosen number.

Benefits of a Custom Vehicle Registration Number

Opting for a personalized number offers more than just uniqueness. It also provides a touch of personalization to your vehicle, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it might even contribute to the vehicle’s resale value, depending on its exclusivity.

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FAQs (Vehicle Registration Number)

Q1: How long does the process take?

The duration varies, but typically, it can take a few days or a week, depending on availability and administrative processes.

Q2: Can I transfer a personalized number to another vehicle?

Yes, personalized numbers can also be transferred to another vehicle upon fulfilling specific guidelines set by the transport department.

Q3: Are there any restrictions on the choice of numbers?

Certain combinations or numbers might be restricted due to their resemblance to emergency service or government vehicles.

Q4: Will I need to pay extra for a personalized number?

Yes, there’s an additional fee associated with securing a personalized registration number.

Q5: What happens if my desired number is already taken?

You might need to consider alternatives or wait for the number to become available in the future.


Personalizing your vehicle registration number in Punjab is an exciting way to add a touch of uniqueness to your vehicle. By navigating the process and considering the factors, you can find a number that reflects your style and stands out on the roads.

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