Kia Sportage Gets “Striking New Look” in Pakistan – Details

KIA Sportage New Look

Kia Motors Pakistan has announced a minor facelift of its crossover vehicle, the Kia Sportage, but it has a catch. In a social media post, the company shared an update: “Introducing a striking new look for the KIA Sportage Limited Edition with a distinct new emblem.” This means that the new badge will not be on all models or variants of the car, but only on the limited white edition.

So, a little variation on the limited-edition model and that’s it. Good thing it didn’t announce a price increase after the “striking new look.” It is worth noting that the same car was on the road when it was taken to the KIA dealer by the shipping company.

Kia Sportage Limited Edition

KIA Motors has launched the KIA Sportage Limited Edition in November 2023, which is called Light White. The car has a black hood, lower grille, side skirts, fog lights and badge.

Changes in Exterior

The front lip of the KIA Sportage remains the same with fog lights, halogen lights, projection lights, DRLs, and LED indicators. However, the black trim flows through the entire bumper. The original KIA badge is black with a slightly modified front grille. Black chrome through the old shiny black on the front of the old plastic cover.

This limited edition features black alloy wheels with 19-inch Rims and 245/45/R19 KUMHO tires. However, the standard Sportage has 18-inch rims and tire size 225/55/​​R18. These new wide wheels add an aggressive look to the exterior. The window trim and door guard have changed from the usual plastic look to gloss black, giving the vehicle a cleaner look.


The rear profile of the Limited Edition has minor changes, as do the KIA logo and other Sportage badges, and the AWD is black. Meanwhile, all other plastic and chrome elements are finished in gloss black. All these minute changes are not mentioned in the black edition, as they add another dimension to the new edition.

Changes in Interior

Now talk about the interior of the KIA Sportage, as the interior is dominated by interior aesthetics, which was previously replaced by glossy black. All trims match the dark theme with leather upholstery on the door panels. However, the roofline and panoramic sunroof are still the same.

Unfortunately, the OEM put silver trim on the console, infotainment and cup holder, which would have synced better with the overall black display.

Safety and technology features are the same, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Electronic Parking Brake, Parking Sensor, Downhill Assist, Auto Hold, Diff Lock, Drive Modes and Cruise Control. A rear AC charger is standard on all models, and a non-volatile charging port, USB socket and 12V port, with a wireless charging port are the missing features.

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