LPG Price in Pakistan Decreased Now Up To Rs. 539

LPG Price in Pakistan Today

Great news for everyone! This month, the LPG price in Pakistan has decreased slightly. The price of OGRA LPG has dropped by Rs. 11.88 per kg for domestic cylinders and up to Rs. 539 for commercial cylinders today. The main reason for this decline seems to be the drop in global oil prices. As a result, the government has also reduced the prices of diesel and petrol in Pakistan. This is also a breath of fresh air for those feeling the pinch of inflation.

Now, what is the big deal with LPG? How does it affect our daily lives? “Okay, wait, we are going to explain the importance and uses of LPG in our daily lives and how it affects the prices of items we buy.

Let’s start with the OGRA LPG price in Pakistan.

LPG Price in Pakistan Today

For all those who are interested in the LPG price in Pakistan, we are here with new LPG rates.

LPG Price in Pakistan

We have provided per kg prices for domestic and commercial cylinders, effective May 1, 2024.

Historic LPG Rates & Price Breakdown

Now, let’s see the history of LPG prices in Pakistan, including margin, tax, and other cost deductions. Let’s see them here.

Historic LPG Prices

Let’s see the historic prices of LPG since August 2023.

Cylinder 11.8 kg
Price (Rs.)
Commercial Cylinder
45.4 kg Price (Rs.)
Per Kg Price (Rs.)
Aug 20232,373.649,132.48201.16
Sep 20232,833.4910,901.73240.13
Oct 20233,079.6411,848.78260.99
Nov 20232,962.1711,396.82251.03
Dec 20233,007.3511,570.65254.86
Jan 20243,025.8711,641.91256.43
Feb 20243,039.6311,694.85257.60
Mar 20243,030.1211,658.26256.79
Apr 20242,954.0311,365.51250.34
May 20242,813.8510,826.17238.46

As we can see, the rate of LPG per kg in Pakistan has been decreasing for three months. But it is still very high compared to the LPG price in August 2023.

Uses of LPG and How Does It Impact Overall Prices?

Most of us do not know about the complete form of LPG. LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. This is important for most of us. In particular, in areas where natural gas is not available or the load is heavy, LPG becomes an important source for cooking and heating. It is also widely used as a fuel source in restaurants, rickshaws, and various industries.

The increase in LPG prices can affect the basic costs of the general public, especially low-income families. It can also directly contribute to the increase in the price of restaurants and small food shops, the cost of small transportation, and related products that rely on LPG as fuel.

Conclusion (LPG Price in Pakistan)

All in all, good news, especially the drop in petrol and diesel prices. This will bring the necessary relief to people who are suffering a lot due to the state of the country’s economy. Hopefully, the gas can be supplied at the above price because the market price is usually higher than the government price.

How much does it cost you to buy LPG in your area? Also tell us in the comments section below.

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