Lady Constable Fines Her Father in Pakistan: Wins Hearts

Lady Constable Fines Her Father in Pakistan

Lady Constable Fines Her Father – In a heartwarming and heart-touching incident, a Lady Constable in Pakistan shows her unwavering devotion to her duty and the law. Sumaira Siddique, a brave and determined police officer, finds herself in a unique situation that tested her principles in the uniform.

Lady Constable Fines Her Father

While patrolling on Kasur Road, a female lady constable, Sumaira Siddique, saw a motorcyclist passing by without a helmet. Surprisingly, she recognizes the man Muhammad Siddique her own father. Instead of closing her eyes or hesitating, Sumaira did something extraordinary – she stopped her father Muhammad Siddique and ticketed him for traffic violations.

Sumaira’s behavior reflects a deep belief in the principle of equality before the law. He insists that the law applies equally to everyone, regardless of their relationships. This incident shows the commitment of a Lady Constable to uphold the law, even if it means her family members.

As mentioned by Sumaira Siddique:

“The awareness campaign regarding traffic safety is currently ongoing. Still, my father rode the bike without a helmet. When I saw during my duty, I asked my fellow duty officer to stop him. I obtained his NIC from him and asked the officer to issue the challan.”

Surprisingly, Sumaira’s father Muhammad Siddique expressed immense pride and joy in his daughter’s devotion to duty. He acknowledged the importance of equal rights under the law and praised his daughter for setting an example for others.

Residents and observers praised Sumaira Siddique for her professionalism and dedication to duty. They praise their sense of responsibility and ethical behavior as law enforcement officers.

Sumaira’s colleagues in the police force also recognize the importance of having individuals like her in law enforcement. His courage and dedication became an inspiration to his colleagues to uphold the principles of fairness, justice and equality.

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