How to Renew Driving License in Islamabad – Complete Guide

How to Renew Driving License in Islamabad

Renewing your driving license in Islamabad is now a simple process that ensures you are legally compliant and road-ready. As the city continues to grow with modern infrastructure and the increasing number of vehicles on the road, it is important for every single driver on the road to renew driving license on time and follow the traffic rules.

In this blog, we will share the step-by-step guidance to successfully renew your driving license in Islamabad. We also cover the necessary documents required to renew driving license and enjoy the freedom of driving anytime.

Required Documents to Renew Driving License

Before going to Faizabad, Islamabad Traffic Police License Office, you must have the following documents completed with you:

  • Original CNIC with permanent or temporary address in Islamabad + CNIC photocopy.
  • Expired driving License

How to Renew Driving License: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Mentioned below are the easy to follow steps to quickly get your renewal done:

  1. Go to Faizabad, Islamabad Traffic Police License Office and obtain a token from reception.
  2. According to your token number, wait for your call.
  3. Once your number is called, go to the calling desk or counter and present your CNIC, 1 copy, expired driving license.
  4. The office staff will process your documents and data all by themselves. You just needs to provide them required documents and information.
  5. The office staff will punch hole your driving license and retain it. You will not get your old driving license back.
  6. Biometrics will also be taken by the office staff as well.
  7. The office staff will also take your picture for the driving license.
  8. At the end, the staff will print a form for you to check carefully and confirm all details. Once you confirm, staff there will take the form for further processing.
  9. You will than receive a slip mentioning the date of receiving your new driving license.
  10. You will come again to the same place on given date and collect your new driving license from the delivery counter. Also don’t forget to to bring the slip with you.
  11. All the fees are to be paid at the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) counter, inside the center.

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Islamabad Driving License Renewal Fees 

Fees vary depending on how long you renew your license. The sooner you renew your license, the less you will have to pay. Normally, the renewal fee will be between 1,149 to 4,649.

Renew Driving License

Important Note:

  • The new driving license is issued for 5 years.
  • All applicants visiting Police Khidmat Markaz F-6 or ITP HQs F-8, for any of the services, can either come as a walk-in through a queue matic token system or book an appointment online.
  • Appointments are offered each day. If you are unable to book an appointment, you can get services through a walk-in token system on a first come first serve basis.
  • New Appointment Slots also Open every day (Except Weekends and Public Holidays).

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We hope you find this quick guide useful. Check out our blog for other helpful guides.

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