Online Learner Driving License Punjab – The Ultimate Guide

Online Learner Driving License Punjab

Good news for those who want to get a learner’s license in Punjab! Now, you can apply online learner driving license Punjab following the recent government announcement through DLIMS Punjab. This comes after they took action against people driving without a license. Many people rush to the driving license centers, forcing them to wait hours or even days to get their learner driving license or permit. But here’s the great thing: you can now apply for your learner’s license online from the comfort of your home using a website or mobile app.

Wondering what are the steps to apply online for the learner driving license in Lahore or other areas of Punjab? Don’t look further, as we have covered you all. Read on as we guide you through the requirements and complete steps to apply for a learner driver’s license online.

DLIMS Punjab Online Apply – Required Documents

  • Photo of the applicant
  • Scanned copy or original CNIC (front and back)
  • You need a medical certificate signed by a government doctor if you are over 50.

How to Apply for Online Learner Driving License Punjab (DLIMS Online Apply)

Here are the basic steps to get online learning driving license Punjab:

Online Learner Driving License Punjab Application: Step-by-step

Here are the steps to apply online for DLIMS Punjab e-Learner Driving License:

Online Learner Driving License Punjab
  • Register on the DLIMS platform ( by adding your name, CNIC, and other details.
  • After registering, enter your account’s main page. Click the + New Learner button at the top right.
  • Complete the license application by adding personal information.
  • Add your address information.
  • Select the license category you wish to apply for.
  • Upload the required documents, including your photograph, front and back CNIC, and medical certificate, if you are over 50 years old.
  • Create payment documents that can be paid through ATM, online banking, or mobile banking channels.
Online Learner Driving License Punjab

Conclusion (Online Learner Driving License Punjab (DLIMS Punjab)

If you are in Punjab and want a learner driving license, the situation is changing. Currently cost at Rs.60, the fee will increase to Rs.1,000 from January 1, 2024. Additionally, the Chief Minister of Punjab has been exempted from paying fines for three days after getting a stamp from the driving license center.

In summary, this change is a relief for many license centers in Punjab. With so many people applying for learning permits and licenses every day, these steps, especially the online learning driving license Punjab facility (via DLIMS Punjab), aim to reduce waiting times. It doesn’t take long hours or days to get a learner’s license or permit.

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