Public Holidays in Pakistan 2024 – The Official Announcement

Public Holidays in Pakistan 2024 - The Official Announcement

The federal government has released a complete list of public holidays in Pakistan 2024 and a list of optional holidays. The notification issued by the Cabinet Division provides a road map for citizens for the upcoming public holidays in Pakistan in 2024 and allows them to plan accordingly.

public holidays in Pakistan 2024

Similar to 2023, the first public holiday in Pakistan is Kashmir Day on 5 February 2024, and the last public holidays of the year are Quaid-e-Azam Day and Christmas Day on 25 December 2024. However, there is an additional Christmas holiday for the Christian community on 26 December 2024.

Below we have compiled a complete list of public holidays in Pakistan 2024 with all the details.

Public Holidays in Pakistan 2024

Kashmir Day Monday5 February 2024
Pakistan Day Saturday23 March 2024
Eid-ul-FitrWednesday, Thursday, Friday10, 11, 12 April 2024
Labour Day Wednesday1 May 2024
Eid-ul-AzhaMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday17, 18, 19 June 2024
Ashura (9th, 10 Muharram)Tuesday, Wednesday16, 17 July 2024
Independence DayWednesday14 August 2024
Eid-Milad-un-Nabi Monday16 September 2024
Allama Iqbal Day Saturday9 November 2024
Quaid-e-Azam Day/ChristmasWednesday25 December 2024
Day After ChristmasThursday26 December 2024 (Christians Only)

In case of Muslim festivals, the date refers to the month in which the Government will issue a separate notification. This applies to Eid-Ul-Fitr 2024, Eid-Ul-Azha 2024, Ashura 2024 (9 and 10 Muharram) holidays, and Eid Milad-Un-Nabi Holiday in 2024.

Bank Holidays 2024

There are three bank holidays that have been declared by the Division of Cabinet, in addition to the public holidays as shown in the table above. Here is the list of three bank holidays 2024.

  • January 01, 2024 (Monday)
  • March 11, 2024 (Monday) for Zakat Deduction
  • July 01, 2024 (Monday)

It should be noted that the bank holidays mentioned above only apply to customers and employees.

Optional Holidays 2024

New Year Day Monday1 January 2024
Basant Panchami Wednesday14 February 2024
Shiv Ratri Friday8 March 2024
Shab-e-MairajWednesday7 February 2024
HoliSunday 24 March 2024
DulhandiMonday25 March 2024
Shab-e-BaratSunday25 February 2024
Good Friday Friday29 March 2024
Easter / Day After Easter Sunday, Monday31 March, 1 April 2024
BaisakhiSaturday13 April 2024
Eid-e-RizwanSunday21 April 2024
Buddha PurnimaSaturday23 March 2024
Nauroze Thursday15 August 2024
Birthday of Lord ZoroasterTuesday20 August 2024
Chehlum Wednesday27 August 2024
Janam ashtamiMonday26 August 2024
Durga PojaFriday11 October 2024
DussehraSaturday12 October 2024
Giyarhvi ShareefWednesday16 October 2024
Birthday of Guru Valmik Swami JiTuesday17 October 2024
DiwaliFriday1 November 2024
Guru Nanak Dev Ji BirthdayFriday 15 November 2024

Note: Government employees who want to take optional holidays must ask permission from the head of the office. In addition, an employee can only take one holiday if he/she is a Muslim and three holidays if non-Muslim in a calendar year.

According to notification, as mentioned “The grant of this concession should not result in any dislocation of work. In the case of Muslim optional holidays, the number of persons permitted to avail optional holidays should be regulated in a manner so that adequate staff is available for proper continuance of the work. The optional holidays are denominational and may be allowed at the discretion of the Head of Office, provided that work does not suffer.”

In addition, “A Government Servant should not ordinarily be refused an Optional Holiday that is of religious significance and the refusal is likely to decrease the number of such holidays to which he/she is entitled.”

If you’re planning a trip during public holidays in 2024, visit Pakistan Travel Guide to explore the locations and guidelines.

Here is the notification copy of Public Holiday in Pakistan 2024:

public holidays in Pakistan 2024 - Notification 1
public holidays in Pakistan 2024 - Notification 2
public holidays in Pakistan 2024 - Notification 3

For more information, visit the official website of Cabinet Division.

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