Top 10 Must Have Car Accessories for Summer – Ultimate Guide

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Because of global warming, every summer is hotter than the last. So life becomes difficult for people who run in this heat every day. As summer reaches its peak this year, we’ve come up with a list of the best summer car accessories to help you beat the sun and heat. You can buy many of these car accessories online.

Let’s start with the first and most important car accessories.

1 – Car Cover

A Global News report shows that a car parked in the sun for 1 hour at a temperature of 37°C can reach a temperature of 46°C inside the car. Surprised! That is why you should buy a car cover that can reflect most of the sun’s heat. This is one of the most important summer car accessories to keep in your car, not just in summer, but all the time.

Car Accessories for Summer

2 – Car Sun Shades

No one can ignore the importance of car sun shades during the summer. Even if your car has air conditioning, direct sunlight can be annoying. If you can not tint your car with black films due to legal issues, it is a good idea to buy a car with sun shades. You can buy a simple one that attaches to the car window frame. However, these days there are also suction cups based roller car shades available in market.

Car Accessories for Summer

3 – Dashboard Cover

Front car panels or dashboards are mainly exposed to direct sunlight. Many cars have plastic panels / dashboards. UV rays from sunlight can damage plastic made dashboards over time. As a result, the dashboard looks completely dry and old. When plastic is heated, it also emits a bad smell. To avoid this, you should buy a dashboard cover to keep your dashboard looking new for a long time and keep your car from smelling bad.

Car Accessories for Summer

4 – Car Fridge

Who does not want to enjoy a cold drink on a long trip? But many people can’t enjoy long journeys because their cars don’t have air conditioning. But, you can buy a car cooler (portable) and keep it in the trunk of your car or somewhere else in car. They come in different sizes and the power consumption also varies. Most of them use a 12 volt charger socket to supply electricity.

Car Accessories for Summer

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5 – Steering Wheel Cover

In the hot summer, it is difficult to touch the steering wheel of your car, especially if you are not wearing gloves. This is because most of the handlebars are made of hard rubber that can get really hot when stored in the sun or in high temperature conditions. Steering wheel covers are one of those summer car accessories that you can buy to avoid from burning hot steering.

Car Accessories for Summer

6 – AC Vent Cup Holder

Many people do not know about the car accessories this summer. As the name suggests, the fan is installed in the case of the AC cabinet. If you can’t afford a car fridge or refrigerator, it might be better to buy an air conditioner cup holder. You can put a bottle or cup of drink to cool it. This is an inexpensive way to keep your drinks cold on road trips.

Car Accessories for Summer

7 – Car Air Freshener

Are you wondering why we includes car air fresheners in the accessories list in summer? See, most of us sweat when we get into the car especially in summer. To prevent body in the car, buy some car air fresheners or car deodorizers.

Although this is not a permanent solution. Car seats should be cleaned frequently. It will help remove sweat from your seat cover. If you have fabric seats, it will be difficult because they are difficult to clean.

Car Accessories for Summer

Leather seats are easier to clean. As a result, odors can be removed easily compared to fabric seat covers. But leather seat covers can heat up faster than fabric. So, the choice is up to you.

8 – Waterproof Mats

When shopping for car mats, there is always a question about whether to buy waterproof mat or fabric mat. We recommend purchasing items made from waterproof fabric.

Fabric mats absorbs water and creates bad odors in the car. Comparatively, plastic mats does not absorb water and It is easier to clean or wash.

Car Accessories for Summer

9 – Tyre Puncture Kit and Inflator

Summer heat weakens tyres, so tyre punctures and tyre burst rate also increase in summer.

Most cars today, including Japanese cars and SUVs, come without a spare tyre. You should buy a tyre puncture kit to avoid getting stuck on the road. It is also important to buy a car air pump. Both will allow you to get your vehicle back into motion without outside help.

Car Accessories for Summer

10 – Car Vacuum Cleaner

Summer is not only hot, but also comes with random dust storms. So it is good to prepare for it. Buy a car vacuum cleaner. It will help remove dust particles inside car and keep your car neat and clean.

Dust contains many pollutants that are dangerous to our health. Car air conditioners spread dust all over the car and harm our health. Dust can also cause a bad smell in the car. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is useful because it can remove dust from your car after a dust storm.

Car Accessories for Summer

Summer can be tough for car owners. Getting into a car in the summer can sometimes feel like stepping into an oven. The above mentioned summer car accessories are useful to combat the negative effects of summer.

If you know any other useful summer car accessories? Tell us in the comments section below.

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