Virtual Driving License Islamabad: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Virtual Driving License Islamabad

Virtual Driving License Islamabad: Residents of Islamabad can now obtain driving licenses from the comfort of their homes thanks to the introduction of an online service by the capital’s police.

According to a public relations officer, the online platform was introduced on the orders of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan.

Virtual Driving License Islamabad

The official sources added that the virtual driving license is specially designed for residents of the federal capital. To get their virtual license, citizens can visit the official website and enter their National Identity Card number, driving license number, and expiration date.

According to an Islamabad police officer, this move is aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining a driver’s license. In addition, citizens have the option to renew their driving license online through this initiative.

This initiative also aims to simplify the process of obtaining and renewing driving licenses for citizens. Specifically, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) issued 48,347 new driving licenses, renewed 20,375 licenses, and issued 95,333 learning permits in 2023.

In addition, ITP successfully launched a globally recognized bilingual driver’s license last year.

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