How to Get KPK Driving License: The Ultimate Guide 2024

How to Get KPK Driving License

KPK Driving License: If you are living in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and are 18 years old now, you are allowed to drive after obtaining a driving license in the province. Therefore, first thing first, you will need to apply for a driving license before you can get behind the wheel. If you are looking for complete information on how to get a driving license in KPK, you are in the right place. You can find updated information here to apply for a driving license in KPK.

KPK Driving License

Learner Permit Requirements in KPK

Before you can get a regular driving license, you must apply for a learner’s permit. And here is how to get a learner permit or learner driving license in KPK:

  1. Visit the nearest license branch in your area.
  2. Bring your valid CNIC.
  3. Provide the latest medical certificate issued by an authorized medical practitioner.
  4. Complete the data entry for the driving license.
  5. Complete the photo session for the license.

After successfully completing the steps mentioned above, you will be issued a learner’s license.

Regular Driving License Requirements in KPK

You can apply for a regular driver’s license 45 days after the issuance of your learner driving license. Visit your nearest driving license office with these documents:

  1. Bring your valid CNIC.
  2. A medical certificate issued by authorized medical practitioner
  3. Submit the driving license fee
  4. Pass the Computerized Road Sign Test at the branch.
  5. Pass the Road Driving Test

After completing the above, you can get your driving license from that branch within three working days.

We hope you find the above information on driving license in KPK useful.

For more information on KPK Driving License, visit the official website of DLIMS KPK.

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