Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan – Complete Guide With Prices

Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan

A mini fridge or room fridge offers more convenience than a regular fridge. In today’s world where convenience and flexibility are highly valued, Mini fridges are becoming increasingly popular. This compact and versatile Fridges offers a variety of benefits, making it the perfect companion for various settings in the bedroom, office, and even outdoors. In this blog, we will list the five Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan along with their features, benefits and most importantly, prices. So let’s start with top brands…

Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan

Here are the top brands and Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan with complete features and prices for your convenience to choose the best.


Haier, a famous Chinese brand, is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world. Known for excellent quality and energy efficiency, Haier offers a variety of refrigerators in various sizes and styles. Hair’s mini fridge is equipped with efficient features such as efficient freezer, ice maker and humidity controlled defroster drawer. Haier has become a household name in Pakistan by offering a variety of compact and room refrigerator models to suit different needs and budgets. Today, the starting price of a new Haier mini refrigerator is Rs.20,000.

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Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan - Haier


With over 50 years of experience, Pakistan’s local brand Dawlance is known for its reliable and affordable appliances. Dawlence mini fridge comes in a variety of sizes and colors, equipped with adjustable shelves, attractive pull-out drawers, and even a built-in water dispenser. Dawlance is a popular brand for mini fridges in Pakistan and offers a wide range of models at competitive prices. Mini fridges of Dawlence brand are highly recommended for their energy efficiency, durability and stylish design. If you’re looking for a new room refrigerator, you can find Dawlance options starting at Rs.15,000.

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Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan - Dawlence


Orient, a popular brand in Pakistan, is famous for its stylish and energy-efficient appliances. Their mini fridges come in a variety of sizes and colors, and features like frost-free freezers, adjustable thermostats for personalized cooling, and incredibly quiet operation. As a comprehensive home appliance brand, Orient also offers a variety of products, including mini refrigerators. This mini fridge is highly regarded for its sleek design, excellent energy efficiency and value for money. Currently, Orient mini fridges start at Rs.16,000.

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Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan - Orient


PEL, a famous brand from Pakistan, is famous for its durable and affordable appliances. Their mini fridges come in a variety of sizes and colors and offer attractive features such as reversible and lockable doors and LED lights. PEL has established itself as a household name in Pakistan, offering a wide range of home appliances including mini fridges. These mini fridges are also highly regarded for their energy efficiency, durability and value. Currently, PEL mini fridges start at Rs.18,000.

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Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan - PEL


Samsung, a Korean brand, is known for its innovative and stylish devices. The mini fridge is available in various sizes and colors and offers features such as a touchscreen display, a built-in wireless charger and a voice-activated assistant. Samsung is also a global leader in home appliances in Pakistan, including compact and energy efficient mini fridges. This mini fridge runs quietly and is currently priced at Rs. 25,000.

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Conclusion (Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan)

Mini fridges are a great choice for many settings because of their compact design, versatility and portability. Whether you are a student, working professional, or just the person who likes some comfort in this summer, a Mini Fridge can make a big difference in your daily routine life. So, embrace the beauty of this mobile device and enjoy cold food and snacks whenever and wherever you want.

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Best Mini Fridges in Pakistan

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