Best UPS Inverters in Pakistan 2024 (700W to 2000W)

Best UPS Inverters in Pakistan 2024 (700W to 2000W)

Best UPS Inverters in Pakistan – We are in 2024 now, but power outages are still a common occurrence, causing significant disruptions in daily life. In Pakistan, the demand for uninterrupted power supply has led to a surge in the popularity of UPS inverters. This comprehensive guide will provide detailed insights into the top UPS inverters in Pakistan, ranging from 700W to 2000W, to help you make an informed decision.

Why Choose a UPS Inverter?

UPS inverters provide a seamless power supply during blackouts, ensuring your essential appliances and devices continue to function. The key benefits of UPS inverters include:

  • Consistent power supply
  • Protection against power surges
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Eco-friendly operation
  • Cost-effective solution

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Understanding UPS Inverter Specifications

Before we dive into the top UPS inverters in Pakistan, it’s essential to understand the critical specifications:

  • Wattage: This represents the UPS inverter’s capacity to handle the load. Match the wattage to your power requirements.
  • Battery Capacity: This indicates the amount of power stored in the battery. A higher capacity ensures a longer backup time.
  • Efficiency: Reflects the inverter’s performance in converting DC power to AC power. Higher efficiency leads to lower energy consumption.
  • Waveform: Describes the output voltage waveform. Pure sine wave inverters provide a smoother power supply, ensuring the proper functioning of sensitive devices.

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Difference Between Imported and Local UPS Inverters in Pakistan

There are many people who are confused between locally manufactured UPS systems and imported UPS Inverters and sometimes opt for locally installed units. Recommended by most electricians in Pakistan.

However, domestically produced UPS Inverters are not only less efficient but also unsuitable for electronics such as computers.

Best UPS Inverter in Pakistan
Best UPS Inverter in Pakistan

Best UPS Inverters in Pakistan (1200W-2000W)

Most appliances with high power consumption opt for over 1200W UPS (2000 watts or 1500 watts) in Pakistan. Moreover, we are listing below the top 4 UPS inverters in Pakistan under the (1200W–2000W) category.

  • APC Smart-UPS 2200VA (1980W)
  • EcoStar E-1440i (1440W)
  • Inverex Veyron 1.2 kW MPPT Solar Inverter (1200W)
  • Crown CMU/2000 (1200W)

APC Smart-UPS 2200VA (1980W)

It is an imported rack-type 1980W APC UPS (made in the Philippines) that is sufficient if you want to power most of the households and appliances. It has the capacity to run Inverter AC 1.0 Ton (1200W) and some other appliances as well (but not more than 600W accumulated). APC Smart UPS is highly recommended due to it’s quality and reliability in any season. Since APC UPS is an imported type of UPS and not manufactured in Pakistan, you will not be able to get any local warranty. But we are confident that imported UPS devices of this company are trusted and have a good reputation in the market.

UPS Inverters in Pakistan

Specifications & Prices

Max Configurable Power1.98 KW / 2200 VA
Nominal Output Voltage230V (Configurable for 220, 230 or 240)
TopologyLine Interactive
Output Connections(8) IEC 320 C13 (Battery Backup)(1) IEC 320 C19 (Battery Backup)
Input frequency50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto-sensing)
Control panelMulti-function LCD status and control console
Waveform typeSine wave
Battery Voltage24V
Transfer Time4ms-8ms
Average PricesRs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 (depending upon the condition and seller).

EcoStar E-1440i (1440W)

EcoStar (made in China) is also one of the most popular home appliance and electronics brands in Pakistan. It also has capacity of 1500W (1440W to be precise), sufficient to power most of your household and appliances excluding air conditioners, fridges, etc. It is also an imported UPS device; hence, its official availability is not confirmed nowadays, but it is available with local sellers in Pakistan.

UPS Inverters in Pakistan

Specifications & Prices

Max Configurable Power1440W
Wave FormSimulated Sine Wave
Battery Voltage24V
Charging Current10A/20A
Transfer Time<20ms
Average PricesRs.30,000 to Rs.40,000

Inverex Veyron 1.2 kW MPPT Solar Inverter (1200W)

The Inverex Veyron 1.2 kW (made in China) is one of the most popular solar UPS inverters in Pakistan that can be used as a UPS. It also has a capacity of 1200 watts UPS and the best choice for those looking for reliable solutions and quality. As Inverex Veyron has official dealers in Pakistan, you will get a 5-year official warranty on the devices. The best thing about this device is that you can also use it with solar panels if you upgrade in the future.

UPS Inverters in Pakistan

Specifications & Prices

Power output1200W
Waveform typePure sine Wave MPPT Solar Inverter
Output Power factor1.0
Official Warranty5 Years
Average PriceRs.70,000

Crown CMU/2000 (1200W)

Crown UPS a well-known brand, is also officially available in Pakistan. It also comes with an output power capacity of 1200W and a 5-year official warranty for your peace of mind. It is a modern device with many smart features, making it a better choice compared to other local brands. So, let us see its features and specs.

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UPS Inverters in Pakistan

Specifications & Prices

Power output2000VA/1200W
Input Voltage100V/110/120VAC+25% or 220V/230V/230V/240VAC/+10% (-35%optional)
Output Voltage100V/110/120AC+10% or 220V/230V/240VAC +10%
Frequency50/60Hz+1% (auto-sensing)
WaveformPure sine wave/Simulated Sine wave
Transfer Time4ms-6ms
Battery voltage24V
PricesRs.35,000 to Rs.40,000

Best UPS Inverters in Pakistan (700W-1000W)

Now, we will talk about best UPS inverters in Pakistan with low to moderate power output capacity (700W to 1000W). Here is the list of best UPS Inverters in Pakistan under category (700W-1000W).

  • Homage UPS Inverter HVS-1214-SCC (1000W)
  • APC Smart-UPS 1000VA (700W)

Homage UPS Inverter HVS-1214-SCC (1000W)

Homage 1214 UPS (1000W) is the most popular UPS Inverter with capacity of 1000 watts. This is the best choice for the people looking for a branded UPS Inverters in Pakistan. As Homage UPS Inverter company operates locally in Pakistan, you will also have warranty for this device as well. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance or repair even you buy a used one. Since companies has wide network of repair workshops all over Pakistan. Here are its specs and features.

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UPS Inverters in Pakistan

Specifications & Prices

Power output1200VA/1000Watt
Battery voltage12V
Wave formSimulated sine wave inverter
Input voltage range90-280 VAC
Maximum Solar Power750 Watt
Average PricesRs.50,000 – 55,000

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APC Smart-UPS 1000VA (700W)

This is another APC UPS with a lower output capacity of 700W. It is also recommended for households with low power consumption. Since it is an imported UPS device, you will not get warranty and mostly coming in used condition. However, it is also available in box-packed condition with some extra price. Below are its important features and specs.

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UPS Inverters in Pakistan

Specifications & Prices

utput power capacity700 Watts / 1000VA
Input Voltage230V (Adjustable 151V – 302V)
Nominal Output Voltage230V (Configurable for 220, 230 or 240 nominal output voltage)
Frequency 47-63 HZ
TopologyLine Interactive
Waveform typeSine wave
PriceRs.25,000 to Rs.35,000 (Depends on condition)

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How to Calculate Power Usage / Consumption?

Below table shows the average power consumption of common home appliances. Further, it will help you to calculate the power requirements to buy a suitable UPS for your needs.

AppliancesWattages ~AppliancesWattages ~
Ceiling Fans80Amplifier450
Bracket Fans60Camera10
Bracket Fans – Heavy Duty450DVR/NVR50
Exhaust Fans50Door Bell10
Exhaust Fans – 18 Inch410Biometric Device20
LED Lights15TV LED 60
Tube Lights25Water Dispenser 300
Search Lights80Room Fridge150
Energy Saver Lights20Fridge450
SMD – Lights7Freezer600
Safety Lights50E. Water Cooler Vertical600
CPU250Submersible Pump2500
Monitor  – LCD50Water Pump1500
Laptop70Water Pump (Double Impeller)2500
Printer700Air Cooler550
Scanner150A.C Conventional (1 Ton) 1700
Xerox Copier2000A.C Conventional (1.5 Ton)2500
Projector500A.C Conventional (2 Ton) 3400
Server 500A.C Inverter (1 Ton)1200
Tele Exchange12A.C Inverter (1.5Ton)1800
Fax – Machine250A.C Inverter (2 Ton)2400

Note: Actual power consumption of the appliances can vary depending upon various factors.

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Conclusion (Best UPS Inverters in Pakistan)

Getting the suitable UPS as per your power consumption UPS in Pakistan is now easier with this detailed article / guide with a comprehensive list of UPS brands available in the market. In addition, you can easily calculate the power consumption of your appliances and households with above-mentioned table as well. Listed above are the best UPS in 2 high and low output capacity you can choose as per your power consumption and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Best UPS Inverters in Pakistan

Q1 – Which UPS Company is the best?

A1 – There are many local and International companies in Pakistan, but peoples mostly choosing Homage UPS Inverters, due to their reliability and service centers all over Pakistan.

Q2 – Which is the top UPS company in Pakistan?

A2 – As mentioned above, there are so many UPS brands and companies in Pakistan, but peoples are choosing APC and Homage in Pakistan.

Q3 – Which UPS is best for computer in Pakistan?

A3 – In general, Computers can be used with any UPS Inverter with output range (700W – 2000W). Best UPS Inverters brands for Computers are APC, Homage and Ecostar, depending on your budget.

Q4 – Which is best battery for UPS in Pakistan?

A4 – Best battery brands in Pakistan includes EXIDE, OSAKA, AGS, Daewoo. You can also check the more details here.

Q5 – Which UPS is best for home?

A5 – It is mainly depends on home appliances capacity you want to use during load shedding. If you wants to use home appliances with high voltage, you can choose UPS Inverters with higher output such as APC Smart-UPS 2200VA (1980W) or EcoStar E-1440i (1440W). If you’re using few appliances with low power, you can choose UPS with lower output such as APC Smart-UPS 1000VA (700W) or Homage UPS Inverter HVS-1214-SCC (1000W).

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