Best Used Entry Level Cars For New Drivers In Pakistan

Best Used Entry Level Cars

You’ve just learned to drive, and now you’re about to get your first car, right? But you don’t know which car to go for because new cars are too expensive for new drivers, so you might want to go with a used car. We’ve got you covered, and we’ve compiled a list of the best used entry level cars for you, along with recommended prices and ideal models for new drivers to choose from. Many of our current readers may have a high budget for their first car, so we find this to be within the budget of someone with a CD70 or CG125.

Best Used Entry Level Cars For New Drivers

We’ve compiled this list of the best used entry level cars based on drivability, parts availability, and resale value. We know you can crash your car first time you get behind the wheel, and once you become an experienced driver, you’ll likely sell the car.

Suzuki Mehran (2003-2008)

Also known as ‘The Boss’, with no haters at all. In fact, almost every middle-class family had a Mehran as the first car they learned to drive. It is Pakistan’s first universal car. Why? Suzuki Mehran is very easy to run and maintain, with dirt-cheap parts, easy mechanics, and affordable spare parts.

Best Used Entry Level Cars

This is a straightforward car without electronics or high-tech technology. Many things are manual, making diagnosis and treatment easier. Also, with the cost of parts and mechanical systems, even if you crash (which your 1st car can do too), it won’t break the bank.

We recommend starting with an older model that is cheaper and can get the job done. In general, the 2003–2008 model years may be a good option to consider. Note that this model will be based on carburetors instead of EFI, which is useful even for new drivers. You may have to do routine maintenance on the carburetor, but it will be easier to handle and manage with manual operation and fuel economy over 13–17 Km/l.

Suggested Price: 330k-500k

Suzuki Khyber

The Suzuki Khyber was also a popular car at the time. A 1000cc hatchback with good cabin space and slightly better quality than the Suzuki Mehran. This car was discontinued back in 2000 and replaced by its successor, the Suzuki Cultus.

Best Used Entry Level Cars

Today, if you don’t like Mehran’s cabin interior and low engine, Khyber can be a good option, even if it is cheaper than Mehran. The AC is good, the engine is more powerful than the Suzki Mehran and the cabin space is as generous as the first generation Cultus.

It’s also a fully manual car with simple engineering and easy-to-find mechanics. Spare parts are also available, priced lower than Cultus and slightly higher than Mehran. We recommend going with a 1995-99 model in good condition; they can offer you a fuel economy of 12–15 km/l.

Suggested Price: 300k-400k

Suzuki Cultus (1st Generation)

As we said earlier, Suzuki Cultus became the successor of Suzuki Khyber. There is also a 2nd generation on the market today. However, if you are a novice driver, the 1st generation will suit you. The K10B uses a 1000-cc engine and is economical in quality. Better than Khyber. The interior is better and more practical than Mehran, and the quality of the AC is better than Khyber. The car is compact and suitable for novice drivers. The first version is a carburetor base with an average of 12–16 Km/fuel.

Best Used Entry Level Cars

The price of spare parts is a bit expensive compared to Khyber and almost near Mehran, and of course everything is now getting expensive. If you prefer the Suzuki Cultus, compared to Mehran and Khyber, you’ll get a nice interior and good ride quality, but parts can be a bit pricey. If this is your first Cultus car, we recommend you go with the 2000–2007 model.

Suggested Price: 450k-900k

Daihatsu Cuore

If you want a solid-quality car, the Daihatsu Cuore is a great choice. This is the only compact hatchback in good condition that can be had for less than ten lakh. The Cuore is a smaller compact car than the Mehran in terms of width and length. But this is the only car on this list that comes with an automatic transmission in the stock configuration (Upper Variant).

Best Used Entry Level Cars

However, the fuel economy of this car is miserable. We do not know for sure, but many owners claim that it is higher at 8–11 km/l, which is the same as Honda Reborn and Rebirth. Also, the ride quality is better than the Cultus and the AC works well, plus you get power windows in the top option. We recommend you look for the 2000–2005 model.

Suggested Price: 500k-10,000k

Suzuki FX

We’ve also included the Suzuki FX at the end of best used entry level cars because it’s hard for most drivers, especially new drivers, to drive it with tough mechanics, an old design, and issues with spare parts. If you don’t care about it’s old design and driving quality and you are just looking to buy a car with a four-person capacity, then the Suzuki FX could be the best option to consider.

Best Used Entry Level Cars

It’s also very cheap and available on the market, starting at just 1 lac PKR, which is also similar to a price of a motorbike. The fuel average of the Suzuki FX is also very economical, at 14–18 km/l, due to its lightweight body and slim tires.

But the bad thing is that you won’t get AC in this car unless you make some alterations, since it does have a blower and only fan option in it. And you shouldn’t expect smooth driving due to it’s hard mechanicals, it’s just a vehicle that you can drive to learn driving or just drive from point A to point B.

Suggested pricing: 100k-180k

Suzuki Alto 1st Generation

The last car on the list of best used entry level cars is the Suzuki Alto. The Suzuki Alto was a major competitor to the Cultus during its first-generation production run. Today, it is produced with a 660-cc engine, but the first generation was a 1000-cc hatchback. It’s a great car with great AC performance, a great stereo system, and a power steering conversion (brand change).

Best Used Entry Level Cars

Older models will have a carburetor engine, while later models will get an EFI engine. However, to begin with, we recommend using the carb type because it is cheaper and easier to repair and diagnose when there is a problem.

The fuel economy of the Suzuki Alto is also compromised, similar to Cuore, i.e., 9–11 km/l, but drive and suspension quality is better than Suzuki Mehran and Khyber. We recommend that you use a 2003-2007 model in good condition.

Suggested Pricing: 600k-950k

We have covered the 6 best used entry level cars for new drivers to try. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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