The Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

Many car buyers today are turning to used cars because of the expensive prices of new cars. To help our buyers, we also shared a list of the best used cars under 20 lacs in our previous blog. This is a continuation of the category of best used cars under 30 Lacs in Pakistan. We have compiled a list based on market demand, resale value, mechanic availability, and spare parts cost. So let’s start with Honda City at top of the list.

Honda City 5th Generation (2012–2016)

The Honda City is the first car on the list of Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan. The City is Honda’s best-selling car in the history of Pakistan. Today, the 6th generation is available as a new offering, but the 5th generation was also a popular car at the time and arrived in Pakistan from 2009 to 2021.

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

A sedan C-segment with the basic features of a mid-sized family demands a spacious interior, boot (diggi), good AC, good stereo, power steering and power windows. The top-spec Aspire has alloy wheels, a shark fin antenna, and wood trim inside, but you won’t find this car in the 30 Lacs category.

A 1.3 i-Vtec Prosmatec under 30 Lac is a great deal. Average fuel consumption is between 12-13 km/l, and spare parts costs are also not too expensive.

Honda City 5th Generation (2012-2016) Features:

  • Power steering and power windows
  • Good AC performance
  • Large boot space
  • Spacious interior
  • Very smooth drive quality in this price range

Suggested Price:

You can find Honda City 5th Generation (2012–2016) in 24 to 30 lacs (depending on negotiation skills).

Toyota Vitz (2010-2015)

For JDM enthusiasts looking for a reliable car under 30 Lacs, there is no better choice than the Toyota Vitz. It is popular locally and in Japan and 2nd in the list of best used cars under 30 lacs In Pakistan. Being a JDM Toyota, the build quality and reliability of this car are very solid, with the engine having approximately 800,000 km before a complete overhaul.

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

The car is packed with the latest technology, like airbags, ABS, immobilizer, VSA, climate control, traction control, and a rear camera. It uses a 1000-cc EFI engine that averages 14–16 km/l, but one thing that can be assured about this car is its longevity and reliability. After all, this is JDM Toyota.

Toyota Vitz (2010–2015) Features:

  • Two airbags
  • VSA + ABS + TC 
  • Very good fuel average
  • Extremely reliable
  • Quick resale
  • interior still looks up-to-date

Suggested Price:

You can easily find Toyota Vitz (2010–2015) in 22 lacs to 28 lacs (depending on negotiation skills)

Mitsubishi Lancer (2004-2006)

The Lancer is a mid-size sedan. The powerfully built JDM was a hit, but unlike the Toyota and Suzuki JDMs, the Lancer did not capture the Pakistani car market. Despite its high-quality build, very comfortable ride, and feature-packed offerings, it still has poor resale value.

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

Spare parts availability and cost are the major issues in the Pakistani market since Mitsubishi is not officially available in Pakistan. Therefore, it affects the price of cars in the used market, and some of these cars are still very expensive compared to other Japanese cars in the same league.

However, if you’re not worried about resale, the Lancer might be a good option to consider. The interior still looks decent, and you get power steering, power windows, very smooth ride quality, and a 120-bhp engine.

Mitsubishi Lancer (2004-2006) Features:

  • Powerful 120 HP engine
  • Power steering and power windows
  • interior still looks fresh
  • Very smooth driving quality
  • Extremely durable car

Suggested Price:

Mitsubishi Lancer (2004–2006) can be found in 14–19 lacs (depending on negotiation).

Honda Civic Reborn (2012)

We talked about the Reborn in the previous 20 Lacs budget blog, which was a 2009 model. Here we are talking about the 2012 model in good condition and without accidents. It is also one of the best used cars under 30 lacs In Pakistan.

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

The 8th generation Civic, also known as Reborn, is a great car that millennials love. Sporty in appearance, advanced in the interior, it produced the highest power in the league and became a favorite car among the youth of the time.

Still, a used car in 2024 will cost less than 30 lacs. Not exactly 30 lacs; you can find it in good condition around 25 lacs. The only problem with this car is the league’s average fuel consumption of 8–10 km/l. Parts for the Reborn are expensive compared to the Corolla 9 and City 5. Also, it resells very well, and the drive quality is good, so it could be a VFM car for under 30 lacs.

Honda Civic Reborn (2012) features:

  • 1800cc powerful engine, 95-140 HP on stock
  • Strong AC performance
  • Sunroof on an upper variant (you might find that variant in the 20 lacs budget after some negotiation)
  • Good boot space 
  • Power windows and power steering
  • Auto lock on specific speed
  • Two airbags
  • Being a 19-year-old car, the interior still looks up-to-date.

Suggested Price:

The Honda Civic Reborn (2012) model can be found in 25 lacs to 30 lacs (depending on your negotiation skills).

Toyota Corolla 10th Generation

The 10th generation Corolla is mainly bought by people who want a simple sedan car that is reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance. In terms of reliability, no other vehicle can beat it in this category. The interior space of the car and the legroom are also good, with enough space. The interior design may look old, but the stereo quality and build are up-to-date.

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

The GLi variant has power steering and power windows, while the XLi has manual windows and no wood trim on the center console. Thanks to VVTi technology, this generation Corolla has an average fuel mileage of 12–13 km/l, and AC performance is good even in July and August. It is also know as one of the best used cars under 30 lacs In Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla 10th Generation Features:

  • Spacious interior and large boot
  • Power windows and power steering in GLi
  • Wooden finish on GLi and upper variants
  • Extremely reliable engine and solid built quality
  • Quick resale

Suggested Price:

Toyota Corolla 10th Generation can be found in 22 lacs to 27 lacs (depending on negotiation skills). 

Local Suzuki WagonR (2018–2021)

The Suzuki WagonR is also the national car of our tour service. It is also the first choice for middle-class families looking for affordable cars with good durability and affordable retail prices. Convenience and drive quality are also good for the price. Inside, it is plain and simple. Of course, what do you expect from Suzuki’s budget hatchback?

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

But thanks to its wagon-style design, the headroom is generous. It uses a 1000-cc EFI engine, which can deliver a fuel economy of 14–17 km/l in the city. Unfortunately, the boot (diggi) space is quite low and can only fit one large bag and one handy bag.

Local Suzuki WagonR features:

  • Easy-to-find parts and affordable pricing
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to maintain and very reliable car
  • Quick resale
  • Easy-to-find mechanics

Suggest Price:

The local Suzuki WagonR (2018–2021) model can be found in 21 lacs to 27.5 lacs (depending on your negotiation). One of the best used cars under 30 lacs In Pakistan.

Suzuki Cultus 2nd Generation

Last in the list of best used cars under 30 lacs In Pakistan. Like the Suzuki WagonR, the Suzuki Cultus is a mid-size hatchback by Suzuki, but it is a generation upgrade from the WagonR. It’s exterior, ride quality, and features are better than the Suzuki WagonR. It also uses a 1000-cc EFI engine with an average fuel consumption of 12–16 km/l. The upper trims get ABS, alloys, dual airbags, fog lights, and even power side mirrors. This is Suzuki, so you get access to a very strong dealer network and parts on the site. The interior space and room are adequate for almost 6ft people, and the cargo area is large enough for two large suitcases. If you want a reliable and easy-to-maintain hatchback but don’t like the styling and exterior looks of the WagonR, the Cultus could be a great car for under 30 lacs.

Best Used Cars Under 30 Lacs In Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus 2nd Generation Features

  • ABS + alloys + 2 airbags
  • Fog lights 
  • Good exterior design
  • Adequate boot space for a hatchback
  • Reliable engine

Suggested Price:

Suzuki Cultus 2nd Generation can be found in 24–30 lacs in Pakistan (depending on your negotiation skills).

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