How To Install And Remove GPS Tracker In A Car?

GPS Tracker Installation Guide

GPS Car trackers have revolutionized automotive technology. Vehicle owners can easily monitor and track the location of their vehicles. However, there are several reasons to choose a GPS tracker. It includes fleet management optimization, vibration alerts, GEO tracking and fencing, real-time tracking and enhanced security. Learn how to install and remove a GPS tracker in a car.

Also, this comprehensive article will explain the entire procedure in detail. It will add convenience and security to car owners and protect their vehicles from unauthorized access or theft.

What Do Car Trackers Look Like?

Car GPS trackers are of various types and designs. Some are square or rectangular, and some have magnetic cases. The OBD tracker is a plug under the steering wheel. The hard drive monitor uses a different cable. It needs to be connected to the ignition wire and the car battery. Some of the different types of trackers include portable GPS trackers, cable trackers, and plugin trackers.

GPS Tracker Installation Guide

How To Install A Car Tracker?

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have. The process of installing GPS in a car is easy and straightforward. However, GPS is installed in the car to ensure that the signal is not interrupted. It should be hidden so no one can touch it or remove it.

The tools you need to install a GPS tracker are screwdrivers, wire cutters, strips, crimping tools, electrical tape, connectors, and a voltmeter. Learn this step-by-step method.

Step 1: Locate The Ignition And Power Wires

First, remove the bottom plastic dashboard panel with a screwdriver. Then look for two types of wires: the ignition wire and the DC wire. This wire connects to your vehicle’s ignition switch. Tracing the wire from the ignition switch can help find this wire easily. You can use a voltage meter to double check. The ignition wire should read 11 to 14 volts when turned on and 0 volts when turned off.

Step 2: Hardwire Your GPS Tracker

A small piece of insulation must be cut from the permanent wire using wire cutters. However, you can use a proper wire cutting gauge to avoid damaging the cable. Next, make a gap between the copper wires using a selection tool. The open end of the red wire of the monitor is threaded. However, the loose wire is connected to the electrical tape. The whole process will continue for the white wire that connects to the ignition wire.

Step 3: Ground The GPS Tracker

The open end of your monitor’s black wire will connect to the ring terminal. Find a metal surface, such as a steering column, to place the tool on the ground. Then secure the ring terminals with electrical tape.

Step 4: Secure The GPS Tracker

To install a GPS tracker, you need double-sided tape. GPS signals don’t penetrate iron properly because they don’t need to be mounted on the steering column. The ignition coil is the best place. Place the tracker higher to get the best signal.

Step 5: Reassemble the Dashboard

Use electrical tape to cover any loose wires and keep them tidy. Place it inside properly so it doesn’t block the way. Finally, put the dashboard cover back after hiding the tracker inside the car to avoid potential danger.

Where Can You Install GPS Tracker In A Car?

There are many options for car owners to deploy car trackers. It can be installed inside the front and rear bumper of the car as well. In addition, these trackers can be placed under the front and rear windshields, rear view mirrors, and car seats or the floor of the car. The location of the GPS tracker varies in terms of concealment and accessibility. It also depends on where the car owner wants to install the GPS tracker and their preferences.

How To Disable The GPS Tracking Device?

The GPS tracker has several modes. Some GPS have cables, some have batteries. This article discusses how to set up a GPS tracker and various scenarios for uninstalling. So read it until you reach the bottom line.

The GPS Tracker Is Hardwired

A hard cable GPS can be difficult to remove. Therefore, you may need to remove the dashboard, and it is recommended that you seek help from a professional auto mechanic. A mechanic will accurately remove the wire connected to the ignition or battery.

The GPS Is A Mini Tracker On A Battery

To turn off GPS using battery, you must turn off the device. Also, the power button is usually on the front or top of the device. The light indicates whether the device is off or on. So, if the light is off, it means the battery is dead. If the tracker has a real battery, then remove the battery.

Cover The Device With A Tinfoil

Another way to disable the GPS tracker is to cover it with tinfoil. The device effectively protects against cellular and satellite signals. However, it is recognized as one of the cheapest and most accessible methods. It also helps prevent your car from being stolen or tracked.

The GPS Is Not Detected Yet

Car owners can use a GPS jammer or blocker if they cannot find a GPS device. Rechargeable batteries charge these devices and interfere with the signal and prevent the vehicle’s location from being transmitted. Moreover, this blocker effectively blocks all signals emitted by car tracking devices.

GPS Tracker Price in Pakistan

Top Classifieds Pakistan is one of the most popular platforms to buy GPS trackers in Pakistan. The price usually falls between RS 2300 to 16,000. Moreover, many car shops has a wide range of car accessories and car parts including GPS trackers, security alarms, locks and parking sensors.

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In short, the car owner should consider how to install and remove the GPS tracker in the car. Built-in guards provide convenience and prevent accidental entry into your vehicle. However, to avoid consequences, they must comply with legal requirements when turning off GPS tracking. Also, they should consider buying trackers from Top Classifieds Pakistan at an affordable price.

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