Unregistered Cars Will Not Be Allowed On Roads Now – Sindh

Unregistered Cars in Sindh

Sindh Provincial Information, Transport, Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Minister Sharjeel Memon has announced that unregistered cars will soon be banned from the province’s roads.

The New Proposed Law for Unregistered Cars

Addressing the Sindh Assembly session, the minister said that we have proposed a new law requiring vehicle registration before leaving the showroom. It should be noted that the current law allows car owners 60 days to register their cars. “We will bring the amendment soon to the assembly, and it will be implemented on both locally assembled and imported cars,” he said.

Emphasizing the issue of import amendment, the minister said that all imported cars arrive in Karachi for the first time because of the sea port. “If it’s a Karachi car, it will be registered at the port, and if it belongs to owners from other provinces, then it will be sent on carriers or trucks and not be allowed to drive on the roads of Sindh” he said.

People have been using the 60 day period by not attaching license plates to their cars for years. “We want to stop this culture.”

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Unregistered Cars in Sindh

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Other Tax Reform Proposals

In addition, Sindh Excise & Taxation minister announces these new proposed tax reforms for vehicle owners:

  • The people of Sindh province will soon be able to pay their taxes online through their banking Apps.
  • We are upgrading the Excise office in Civic Center, Karachi, to facilitate citizens’ lives by installing air conditioning and a seat-by-seat token system.
  • The government is going to establish a new Excise center that will remain open until 9 p.m., facilitating the people, especially job holders.
  • We are working on starting a mobile service, but the consumers will pay extra for that service as it will come to their doorstep.

These policies and regulations are still being developed and will be implemented properly after approval by the Provincial Assembly.

What do you think about the reforms proposed by the Sindh government? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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