How To Pay E-Challan In Punjab In 2024: The Ultimate Guide

e-challan punjab Payment

E-Challan In Punjab: If you own a car or motorcycle in Punjab, it is important to be aware of the latest regulations regarding e-challan payments. A recent announcement by the Lahore Traffic Police suggests that unresolved fines can now prevent entry into the police service.

This means that resolving your e-challan payments as quickly as possible is important not only to ensure compliance, but also to ensure a smooth relationship with law enforcement.

To make this process easier and more convenient, the traffic police have shared the payment process that allows you to pay your fine with a few clicks on your smartphone.

E-Challan In Punjab

How To Pay E-Challan In Punjab

  • Download the ePay Punjab app: Go to your mobile app store and download the ePay Punjab App to your mobile device.
  • Access Punjab Police Tab: Once installed, open the app and navigate to the Punjab Police tab.
  • Select the E-Challan Safe City Tab: Within the Punjab Police section, select the E-Challan Safe City tab to proceed with your payment.
  • Enter the vehicle registration number: Type your car or bike registration number into the designated field.
  • Generate PSID Number: After entering your complete vehicle details, go to the Pay tab. This action will generate a unique PSID number for your transaction.
  • Proceed with Payment on Bank App: Now go to your bank’s mobile app, locate the bill payment options, and select the GoPb option.
  • Enter PSID Number: Input the PSID number copied from the ePay Punjab app into the assigned field on your bank’s app.
  • Confirm Payment: Verify the e-challan details displayed on your bank’s app, enter the amount, and proceed to confirm the payment.
  • Confirmation Message: Upon successful transaction, a confirmation message will appear on your screen, indicating the completion of the payment process.
  • Check Transaction Status: Wait for a few minutes, then revisit the ePay Punjab App to verify the status of your e-challan payment.
  • Alternative Payment Method: If you prefer to use the Easy Paisa App for payment, detailed instructions can be found by clicking on the provided link.

Announcement For E-Chalan Defaulters

E-Challan In Punjab: If there is a traffic violation, the offender will not be able to access facilities such as learner permits, duplicates, new licenses, and 14 other facilities. In addition, they will not be able to obtain ID cards, police clearances, among others. The Safe City Punjab Police Service Center has been integrated for this purpose.

Additionally, a warrant has been issued for license plate tampering. Action will also be taken against those who cover the plate numbers with black paint or unclear numbers.

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