How To Renew Car Token Tax In Pakistan: The Ultimate Guide

How to renew car token tax in Pakistan

It is an obligation to pay token taxes when owning a car in Pakistan. In addition, car owners must carefully understand the token tax and how to pay it. The car token tax payment procedure varies by province. Most car owners are not using traditional methods and are paying their tax tokens online. It has increased flexibility and reliability for car owners, and they can pay car token taxes from the comfort of their homes. This article will reveal how to renew car token tax in Pakistan in various regions. So, let’s know first what the car token tax is:

Renew Car Token Tax In Pakistan

What is a Car Token Tax?

A token tax is a type of tax or duty paid annually by consumers. The excise and taxation department in all provinces imposed this tax on all kinds of registered vehicles. Revenue from the tax is used to repair and maintain roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure in Pakistan. Car owners need to understand the various payment procedures, apps, and other details to ensure a smooth and transparent process.

Renewal Procedure Of Token Tax Online in Punjab

The government of Punjab has made it easy for customers to pay token tax online through Epay Punjab. Car owners must first register their cars online with the help of car registrars. They can check their vehicle registration status through the official MTMIS website. They can check the details by sending an SMS to 8785. However, the token tax renewal process varies from province to province. Let’s look at the process one by one.

Required Documents

Car owners should collect all the important documents to avoid trouble or any delay in the renewal of the token tax. This includes a vehicle registration book (original and copy), a copy of the CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), and proof of exemption. However, the second option is to visit the Excise and Taxation Office and make an over-the-counter payment at an authorized branch of different banks. You must give them documents and pay the prescribed tax. The Excise Department will charge and update the registration.

Renewal of Token Tax In Sindh

Customers can pay taxes online in Sindh using the GOS e-payment app. It facilitates customers without having to stand in long lines and wait for their turn. On the other hand, car owners can also visit the Sindh Tax and Excise Department in their cities to renew car token tax. They can also avail token tax verification service to confirm the amount.

Moreover, you should also check your preferred payment method. It is entirely up to the customer whether they want to pay by debit or credit card, using a bank branch or Sindh Revenue Authority (SRA) facilitation center. After the payment is confirmed, the car owner must download the receipt for his records.

Token Tax Renewal Procedure In Islamabad

Token tax renewal in Islamabad is convenient and very easy. Residents can use the City Islamabad App to pay tax bills online. Also, before renewal, car owners are given an opportunity to verify their car registration in Islamabad. Users can register and verify their vehicles through MTMIS Islamabad. So, customers can download the app, register the vehicle, and pay token tax easily. Alternatively, they can explore other modes of payment through banks and visit the Excise and Taxation Department, Islamabad, to pay taxes manually.

Token Tax Renewal Procedure of KPK

The KPK token tax renewal procedure is also different. Consumers can visit the official website of the Excise and Taxation Commission, which is the same as Sindh. Alternatively, they can pay online through their designated bank’s website or branch and renew car token tax. They can also visit the Sindh Excise and Taxation Department to pay the fees manually. After paying the token tax, they can collect the receipt from the excise and taxation department.

How To Pay Token Tax Through Banking Apps?

Car owners can pay and renew car token tax online through the banking app. After that, you have to open an account. Then, select the type of tax payment. You need to enter the vehicle details and verify the details. You must select a payment method and receive confirmation. Finally, keep the receipt as proof of payment. You should check all payment methods, as this is one of the most common mistakes to avoid when registering your car online or renewing your car token tax.


In short, each province offers different payment methods and procedures to renew car token tax in Pakistan. They can also register cars online in Pakistan in this province. Also, they can make payments through online applications and banking applications in different cities. However, when paying through a banking application, you should receive a payment receipt after paying through the application. It is important to update on time to avoid penalties and legal issues. They can approach the relevant authorities for help if required.

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