How To Register A Car Online In Pakistan: The Ultimate Guide

Register A Car Online In Pakistan

Register A Car Online In Pakistan: The online world has changed traditional processes and has had a significant impact on the automotive industry as well. Moreover, it makes the problems and needs of car owners easy and efficient. Online car registration has simplified the process and saved car owners time, energy, and effort. You don’t have to wait in long queues or process complicated documents.

However, the number of vehicle registration offices in Pakistan is limited. Therefore, they failed to handle a large number of applications. In addition, this is due to the delay in processing the documents for the car registration. In this article, we will discuss the entire process of register a car online in Pakistan. It will also include the process of online verification of vehicle registration and the necessary documents for the same.

Register A Car Online In Pakistan

Required Documents

Before starting the online registration process, car owners should ensure that they have all the required documents. These include:

  • National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Proof of ownership (vehicle invoice, sales certificate)
  • Insurance certificate 
  • Copy of the CNIC of the car owner 
  • Vehicle inspection certificate

The Tax and Excise Department has made it easy and convenient for online registration and transfer of vehicles. Additionally, car owners can connect with reputable online sources that handle all the registration work for them. So, car owners can drive from the comfort of their homes.

Required Documents For Original Purchaser Of Unregistered Vehicle

The following documents are required to register a vehicle online:

  • Application for registration of the vehicle Form F.
  • Copy of the CNIC of the car owner.
  • Original sales certificate for the vehicle.
  • Original sales invoice for the vehicle.
  • Amount of registration fee, number plate fee, and other taxes.

However, the same list of documents is required to dispose of an unregistered vehicle. In addition, the below-listed documents are required, as follows:

  • Transfer order (TO) form
  • Documents of sale of vehicle by the original purchaser
  • Copy of NIC of the original purchaser
  • Documents For Registration Of Imported Vehicle
  • Application for registration in Form F
  • Photocopy of the NIC of the owner
  • Copy of NIC of the seller
  • Duplicate copy of import permission granted by customs authorities
  • Duplicate Copy of GD
  • Copy of invoice (in case of direct purchase from manufacturer)
  • Copy of bill of lading
  • Amount of registration payment, number plate fee, and other taxes

Documents for disposal of unregistered vehicles by importers are the same as above.

Required Documents to Register a Car Online in Sindh

Documents for car registration in Sindh may be different for locally assembled vehicles and imported cars. However, these are listed below:

  • Transfer of ownership form.
  • CNIC copy of the buyer and Copy of the seller CNIC.
  • Original sales certificate and invoice.
  • Letter of sales issued by the motor registration authority.
  • A valid NOC (no objection certificate given to the bank).
  • Motor vehicle tax receipts for registration fees and number plate fees.
  • Original vehicle registration certificate.
  • The vehicle’s original book.

Also, the registration process for imported cars is the same as in Punjab. Finally, after the documents are verified, the car owner must undergo this inspection.

  • Car inspection
  • Engine details inspection 
  • Number plate inspection

How To Register a Car Online In Islamabad?

The car registration process in Islamabad is different for local and imported vehicles. However, below documents are required for locally assembled vehicles:

  • Sale certificates
  • Sale Invoice
  • Some related documents will be required
  • Documents needed for imported cars are
  • Old registration book
  • Bill of lading
  • Bill of entry
  • Some other related documents will be required

For auctioned cars, the authorities also need:

  • Auction voucher
  • Some other documents will be required

Residents of Islamabad can use the city app to check car registration, pay token tax, and check vehicle registration in Islamabad. However, users can update their token tax registration online in Pakistan using city-specific apps.

Choose The Right Platform to Register a Car Online

Online car registration in Pakistan varies by province. Also, every province has its own rules and regulations. In addition, car owners are required to obey the rules and regulations of their city. However, the process is simple and easy for users. You must enter important information, such as:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Make the model year version of the car
  • The city (where do you want to register)
  • Are you a filer

A sales representative will contact the car owner to continue the process and request the relevant documents. The registration form is filled out by the registration service provider. Also, they will upload all the documents for the client. Moreover, customers only need to provide all important information, such as make, model, engine number, chassis number and car registration number. Also, you must ensure that all documents are valid and comply with certain rules and regulations.

Also, you should check the registration fee and fees paid to the reputable service provider. The registration fee is determined by the vehicle’s cc. Punjab charges 1% for cars above 1000 cc. It charges 2% for cars below 1500 cc, 3% below 2000 cc and 4% above 2000 cc. In Sindh, the registration rate is 1% for vehicles above 1000 cc, 1.25% for vehicles above 1300 cc and 2.25% for vehicles above 2500 cc. Additionally, the registration rate of engines with a capacity of 999 cc and above in Islamabad is 1%; 2% from 1000 cc to 1999 cc; and 4% if it is 2000 cc or higher.

The vehicle must be inspected before registration. Finally, after the registration number has been issued, the car owner must ensure that the plate is clearly visible.

Final Note (Register a Car Online in Pakistan)

In short, the government has launched eBay Punjab App to check car registration in Lahore. Car owners can easily transfer vehicle ownership and taxes. However, it should belong to the citizens of Punjab. Owners who want to register a car online in Pakistan face many challenges and complicated issues. However, they can also check the vehicle registration status on the MTMIS website. In addition, car owners should also check the payment method, as this is one of the main mistakes made when registering cars online.

In addition, each province has a separate MTMIS website. It includes Punjab, Sindh, and Islamabad. You can also check details through SMS verification. They can also send SMS to 8785 in Punjab and 8521 in Islamabad. However, there is no option to send SMS in KPK or Sindh.

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