How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan – Tips & Tricks

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Electricity rates in Pakistan are increased again. The duration of peak hours (5pm to 11pm) has been extended and subsidies withdrawn. Now, even middle-income families in Pakistan receive five-figure electricity bills and thinking on How to Save on Electricity Bills. You should know that each unit of electricity costs about Rs.30, and in peak hours it reached to Rs.43 per unit.

There are many reasons for high power consumption in Pakistan, depreciation of Pak Rupee against the US dollar is one factor, electricity theft and non-payment of electricity bills in some areas are other factors. In addition, some independent power producers (IPPs) have their rates in US dollars.

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Although there is not much that can be done to reduce electricity use, people can reduce the impact by trying to reduce electricity consumption, especially during peak hours. Some short-term solutions that can be implemented quickly include:

  1. Avoid Using these Appliances and Devices During Peak Hours:
    • Iron
    • AC
    • Washing machine
  2. Consider switching to LED lights instead of traditional bulbs and tube lights. Also, choose to use a dehydrator or microwave instead of a conventional oven. This measure requires little investment and is affordable for most households.

However, if you are looking for a longer-term solution, even if it requires a significant investment, you will find the following information useful.

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Ways to Lower the Electricity Bill in Pakistan

If you are looking for how to save on electricity bills, this is the right place. There are several useful ways to save money on your electricity bill.

Use Solar Panels

When we thing about How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan, Solar panels are the first device that comes to mind when it comes to saving electricity. OK! You will have to make a one-time investment in them, but you will save money on bills depending on your consumption and the size of your solar panel system. You can buy a solar panel system for partial or full load on your home. There are different types of solar panel systems to choose from such as Off-Grid, On-Grid/net metering system and Hybrid. One of the best ways to save electricity this summer, like any other season.

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

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Smart Bulbs

The second point on How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan is by switching ordinary bulbs to smart bulbs. The world is moving towards smart devices not only because they are cool to use, but also because they are more efficient. Since lights are everywhere in our homes, they are one of the most used electrical appliances in our homes. Buying smart bulbs can help you save money because you can turn them off anywhere without having to move to a switch. These lights can be controlled by various applications on smartphones (Android and IOS).

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

There are many smart bulbs that use motion and infrared sensors. It turns on when people are moving-in and automatically turns off when no one is around. These types of smart lights save a lot and can reduce your electricity bill significantly.

Instant Electric Geyser / Water Heater

If there is a shortage of gas in your area and you want to choose an efficient electric geyser for your home, then buy an electric geyser right away. It comes with a low storage capacity, which only heats the water you need at one time. Because of this, it is more efficient than the storage water heater. Storage geysers use a lot of energy because they produce large amounts of electricity. Thus, Instant Electric Geysers can help you when you think about how to save on electricity bills in Pakistan.

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Use Inverter Air Conditioners (AC)

Inverter technology has been a miracle for mankind. Inverter air conditioners can save 60-70% energy compared to conventional air conditioners. The use of air conditioners in summer is one of the main reasons for high electricity bills. So, you should buy an inverter air conditioner to reduce your electricity consumption. Using an inverter air conditioner is one of the best ways to save electricity and reduce your electricity bill in summer.

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

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Inverter Refrigerators are Efficient

Like inverter air conditioners, inverter refrigerators are also very useful for saving money on electricity because they are more energy efficient. With the refrigerator running 360 days a year, imagine how you can save electricity by replacing your conventional refrigerator with an inverter refrigerator.

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Efficient UPS is Important

UPS is one of the appliances used in almost every home in Pakistan. You will find locally manufactured UPS or even brands that are slightly defective and less efficient (higher energy loss). If UP is incorrect, the battery uses more energy to charge. Because batteries are constantly charged 360 days a year, they should be checked once or twice a year. If an error is found, fix it immediately or buy another UPS.

How to Save on Electricity Bills in Pakistan

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The same applies to UPS batteries. If not, more electricity will be needed, resulting in higher bills. Therefore, inspection and maintenance is required once or twice a year.

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