Kia Stonic Price in Pakistan Decreased By Massive 15 Lacs

Kia Stonic Price in Pakistan

In a shocking development, Kia has slashed the Kia Stonic price in Pakistan by a massive 15 lacs! This reflects changes in the market amid the economic crisis and the drop in Peugeot 2008 prices.

KIA Stonic EX+ New Price

Pakistan’s Lucky Motors Corporation (LMC) has taken this bold step, marking five years of CKD operations. The revised Kia Stonic price in Pakistan now stands at an attractive Rs. 4,767,000 against the previous Rs. 6,280,000. This significant reduction will appeal to potential buyers and give a new boost to the car market.

It is worth noting that the company has kept the prices of other models the same. In March of this year, LMC reduced the price of the popular crossover Kia Sportage. The company did not share a reason for the move.

Kia Stonic Price in Pakistan

KIA Stonic EX+ New Price (Notification)

Kia Stonic Price in Pakistan

Kia Sportage New Price

  • The first base variant, Sportage Alpha, has seen the price reduction of Rs. 250,000, taking it to Rs. 7,300,000 from previous Rs. 7,550,000.
  • The second variant, Sportage FWD, will now cost Rs. 300,000, bringing back the rate to Rs. 7,740,000 from Rs. 8,040,000.
  • The Sportage AWD‘s new price is now Rs. 8,470,000 instead of Rs. 8,770,000, as its price is also reduced by Rs. 300,000.
  • The final Sportage Black Edition will now cost Rs. 9,000,000 instead of Rs. 9,300,000, as the company has also reduced its price to Rs. 300,000.

Amid economic uncertainty, such price adjustments not only reflect market dynamics, but also meet evolving consumer needs. As the industry embraces change, customers can expect more competitive rates and enhanced value propositions. With KIA leading the trend, it’s an exciting opportunity for car enthusiasts and budget-conscious buyers.

What do you think about the recent KIA Stonic EX+ price drop? Are you expecting any other company to do so? Tell us in the comments section.

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