NADRA Helpline for Persons with Disabilities in Islamabad

NADRA Helpline For Peoples with Disabilities

NADRA Helpline – In a major step to improve accessibility and convenience for persons with disabilities, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced a dedicated phone number and door-to-door facility to issue identity cards and other services at home. Speaking to APP on Tuesday, the Public Relations Officer said that the initiative aims to simplify the process of obtaining a National Identity Card (NIC) for individuals with disabilities.

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NADRA Helpline

NADRA Helpline for Persons With Disabilities

Recently opened NADRA dedicated helpline number 1777 is a centralized resource for people with disabilities and provides comprehensive information and guidance on NADRA services, including procedures for issuing NIC at home. Dedicated staff hotline will be available to assist with calls for questions or concerns.

Home NIC issuance service has been introduced to facilitate disabled persons who find it difficult to visit NADRA enrollment centers due to mobility issues or other physical limitations. As part of this service, NADRA staff will provide door-to-door facility and visit the homes of peoples with disabilities to collect necessary documents, capture biometric data and issue NICs. This approach ensures that everyone, regardless of physical limitations, has access to this important identity document.

The launch of this initiative demonstrates NADRA’s commitment to inclusiveness and unwavering commitment to empowering people with disabilities. By bringing ID services directly to their doorsteps, NADRA is actively breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone can easily participate in society.

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