Used Motorbikes Under 1 Lac With Great Resale in Pakistan

Used Motorbikes Under 1 Lac With Great Resale in Pakistan

Best Used Motorbikes Under 1 Lac: In Pakistan, motorcycles are considered an affordable mode of personal transportation to get from point A to point B. Some people spend extra money on motorcycles because of their passion. Most see them as an economical way to get around, and by “most,” we mean a large number of people in Pakistan.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re one of those looking for a motorcycle with a budget of less than Rs. 1 lakh. Although technically 1 lakh is not a budget figure for the middle and working class, it is considered a budget figure in the motorcycle market as well because of our inflation and devaluation.

Best Used Motorbikes Under 1 Lac

Here, we’ve rounded up the best used motorbikes under 1 lac for your consideration. We’ve compiled a list of bikes based on these factors:

  • Resale value
  • Spare Parts availability and cost
  • Good fuel average
  • Easy mechanics availability

Honda CD70 (2019-2020)

The Honda CD70 literally needs no introduction. Top on the list of best used motorbikes under 1 lac, the Honda CD70 is the most popular and best selling motorbike in Pakistan. It is also the first choice for people who need a cheap mode of transport and are buying their first bike.

Used Motorbikes Under 1 Lac

Running costs are very economical and fuel economy is excellent. Lightfoot can give you an average of 58–65 km/l, while heavyfoot can give you an average of 53 km/l. You can also find spare parts at low prices, such as air filters for Rs. 60, headlight bulbs for Rs. 80, tail lights for Rs. 150, and bike tuning for just Rs. 300. Yes, they are cheap.

Mechanics availability is not a problem for Honda CD70, and you can find mechanics almost everywhere in Pakistan.

With a budget of Rs. 100,000, and especially if your desire is a cheap and affordable motorcycle, the CD70 could be your first choice.

Suggested Price Range: 80,000–100,000 PKR

Honda CG 125 (2015-2017)

The Honda CG 125, is a phenomenon in the country, especially among young people. It was originally designed for the Pakistani market. Can easily carry heavy loads, i.e., riding 2-3 people is not a problem for the Honda CG 125. In addition, the main reason for it’s popularity is its sound. Most people love it’s sound, especially under 30s. Its spare parts are dirt cheap on the market, slightly more expensive than the Honda CD70.

Used Motorbikes Under 1 Lac

The Honda CG 125, powered by a 124 CC OHV engine, produces excellent torque and makes the CG 125 a must-have for both local travelers and long-distance drivers as well.

This bike is also built to be very strong and durable. Whether it’s hot or cold, the engine will not disappoint you on the street. Also, due to its very simple engineering, it does not require regular maintenance.

In the budget of Rs. 1 lac, it is the best choice if your preference is mainly power and durability.

Recommended Price Range: PKR 88,000-100,000

Honda Pridor (2015-2017)

The Honda Pridor is a good bike to consider if you don’t care about resale value because its resale value isn’t similar to that of the Honda CD70 or Honda CG 125. The overall build of the bike is smooth, like a GS 150 engine, and the seat cushion and seating position are also comfortable for long rides.

The main problem is its price, where the resale value is not good. It is cheaper than CG125, which is why it failed. With only a small price difference, people are more likely to use CG than Pridor because CG is stronger, more reliable, easier to find spare parts for, and has a wider mechanical system compared to Pridor.

However, if you’re looking for a new touring bike on a budget, the Pridor is still a good choice. The ride quality is very smooth and stable at high speeds due to the weight of the body. Fuel economy is also excellent at 52 km/l.

Price range: 85,000–98,000 PKR

Other Chinese 70s 2023-2024

Apart from Honda, there are many Chinese brands with used motorbikes under 1 Lac operating in the motorcycle market, and their sales figures are also high. The new Honda CD70 is too expensive for the middle class or workers, so these people shift their purchase decisions to the Chinese 70cc brand. China’s famous brands:

  • Road Prince
  • United
  • Metro
  • Super Power
  • Super Star
  • Treet

For a reasonable deal, you can get a new 70cc Chinese bike with no more than 3,000 km per meter for less than PKR 90,000, which should be the most budget-friendly used Chinese 70cc bike. Otherwise, we recommend you go with the zero-meter, which costs PKR 115,000.

These bikes are not as reliable as Honda, but for the price, they are a good choice. Note that these Chinese wheels are very sensitive and prone to breakage; the seat cushion is also not good and vibrates more than the CG 125.

However, if you are not satisfied with a used motorcycle and a zero-meter bike is your only desire, a Chinese 70 is your choice. Otherwise, we highly recommend the 2019–2020 Honda CD70 model.

Price range: 80,000–90,000 PKR

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