Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan In 2024

Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan In 2024

Top 5 Imported Used Cars in Pakistan: Imports of used cars increased significantly in the fiscal year 2023-2024. At the beginning of 2024, a Pakistani channel reported that it had become one of the largest importers of used cars in the world. According to the research, there are several reasons why Pakistan promotes the use of cars imported from Japan. They dominate locally assembled vehicles due to their low cost, fuel efficiency, and modern technology. Additionally, this article will look at the most imported cars in Pakistan in 2024.

Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan

The top 5 imported cars in Pakistan are Daihatsu Mira, Toyota Prius, Honda Vezel, Toyota Vitz and Nissan-E-note. Most of the vehicles imported into Pakistan are Japanese. Other imports include China, Germany, UK and the US. Importers import new cars from the US and Europe and used vehicles from Japan.

1. Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira is one of the most popular cars in Pakistan among car owners because of its pleasant driving experience and fuel efficiency. Kei-car (compact car) is produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Daihatsu. There are two engines for some versions. It is available with a 658-cc engine and hatchback body.

Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan
Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira dimensions are 3395 x 1475 x 1530 mm. The square side windows are opened by the front grille and three-dimensional LED tail lights. It has a ground clearance of 133–160 mm. In addition, the five-door hatchback has the same styling as the three-door hatchback and a longer rear door.

Budget-friendly 4-5 seater with AC and heating. The car has keyless entry and central locking. It is also used for transportation and practical purposes in the city. However, horse power is 48 PS @ 6800 RPM and torque is 57 Nm @ 5200 RPM. It has a reliable suspension system and a pleasant ride on bumpy roads.

2. Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz is an imported Japanese five-door hatchback. It is a hatchback car produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota from 1999 to 2019. Toyota has sold 3.5 million units worldwide and is a subcompact hatchback with a unique and distinctive design. It is also used in Japan under the name Vitz. However, the international market receives the same vehicle under the name of the Toyota Yaris or Toyota Echo. The price of the Toyota Vitz in the Pakistani market is in the range of 28.4–43.0 lacs.

Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan

There are nine airbags available for some Toyota Vitz models, and the flat suspension works well in all-terrain situations.

It has a chrome front grille and halogen headlamps that provide better visibility on the road. Air intakes, front bumper, trapezium-style headlights and trim piece along with the length of the tailgate.

Other variants of this car have different features and designs. In addition, the curved exterior has various edges and corners. There is a manual AC system, electric door locks, cup holders and cloth seats that complete the interior design.

3. Toyota Aqua

Toyota Aqua is a hybrid electric mini hatchback imported by Toyota Pakistan in 2011. It is the most successful nameplate launched in Japan for 20 years, and Japan has sold 1,154,500 units of the model in January 2017. There is a version called Aqua Z. It has a classic look with headlights and fog lights. The price is around Rs. 72 lacs in Pakistan.

Toyota Aqua
Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan

Toyota Aqua improves visibility and helps drivers avoid multiple accidents. It has retractable side mirrors for the comfort and convenience of the driver. It also features automatic climate control that balances the temperature according to passenger and driver preferences.

Safety features of this car include driver and front passenger seat belts, ABS and dual front and side airbags. The car is easy to control and drive for beginners. They use it for daily drive within city and long journeys. Also, it is economical, and the fuel-average is good for buyers.

4. Nissan-E-Note

This is a small, compact hatchback powered by Nissan. The vehicle has a battery that requires the engine to be charged. The dimensions of the car are 4055 x 1695 x 1520 mm. It also runs on an automatic transmission with a displacement of 1198cc. There is seating for 5 people and ample interior space.

In addition, it is a powerful hybrid vehicle with a 36-liter fuel tank. It has an advanced infotainment system and a high speed of 160–240 KM / H. It has a ground clearance of 0-310 mm.

This car is equipped with nine ISOFIX child seats with airbags. Its anti-lock braking system prevents the car from jumping and maintains its balance. Additionally, adjustable headlights can improve driver safety while driving. It also has fog lights and a rear spoiler to improve downforce and reduce turbulence.

The Nissan-e-not is equipped with air conditioning and climate control to regulate the interior temperature of the vehicle. It consists of a push button with keyless entry.

5. Honda Vezel (Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan)

The Honda Vezel is a used car from Japan and is a hybrid subcompact crossover with a displacement of 1496–1498. The vehicle dimensions are 4330 x 1790 x 1580 mm. It has an automatic transmission with petrol and hybrid fuel technology. Honda Vezel comes in 4 variants with hatch roof. It also has ISOFIX child seats with alloy wheels and DRLs. Featuring keyless entry and retractable side mirrors, it provides a comfortable driving experience

Honda Vezel
Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan

Excellent suspension and performance system. Cloth seats and cup holders complete the look of the vehicle.

Conclusion (Top 5 Imported Used Cars In Pakistan)

In short, car owners can choose from these top 5 imported used cars in Pakistan. If they want to find a vehicle that is economical and affordable, they should look for JDM. However, every once in a while, you should check Japanese car auction sites for reputable brands. In addition, these companies offer a detailed report on the Japanese auction site, where you can quickly check the details of the condition of your vehicle.

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