Women Driving Schools Launched in Lahore Now!

Women Driving Schools in Lahore

Women Driving Schools in Lahore: Following an initiative to make roads safer for motorists in the province, the Punjab government has now launched a plan to increase self-reliance by allowing women to learn to drive motorbikes and cars under one roof.

Women Driving Schools in Lahore

For this purpose, the Chief Minister of Punjab has established four driving schools in the capital, including:

  • Abshar Driving School – Jail Road
  • Women On Wheels School – Ferozepur Road
  • Liberty Service Center Driving School
  • Manawan Traffic Lines Driving School

The Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore said that to accommodate women, classes are held from 8 am to 4 pm, driving schools offer services to women, where women instructors teach and help women.

This initiative aims to increase the independence and mobility of women, empowering them to become self-confident and confident individuals.

Women Driving Schools in Lahore

Earlier this month, the provincial government brought good news to those who previously had to wait 42 days after the driving test. According to a tweet by the official government of Punjab and Lahore Traffic, candidates who failed the driving test will now be allowed to retake it after 15 days. Previously, the waiting period for the driving test was 42 days.

The Punjab government has taken many other steps to digitize the licensing process in the province, including online registration and renewal of driving licenses.

Online Registration

To make it easier for people, the traffic police has launched an online service for people. This key decision is aimed at simplifying and streamlining the licensing process, given the number of license applicants in the region.

Renew your driving license online

People can renew their license online. Applicants can renew their license for one, three, five and ten years. Meanwhile, an international driving license will be valid for three years.

People can easily download local and international e-licences, which means candidates no longer need to undergo a physical driving test.

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