How to Obtain Driving License for Disabled Persons in Punjab

Driving License for Disabled Persons in Punjab

Driving License for Disabled Persons: The law does not differentiate between able-bodied and disabled people when it comes to getting a driving license in Punjab. However, some disabilities can limit the ability to drive a car. In such cases, he will not be allowed to drive. This blog will cover how to obtain a Driving License for Disabled Persons in Punjab and under what conditions they cannot.

Driving License for Disabled Persons in Punjab

Who Cannot Hold a Driving License in Punjab? 

The Second Schedule of the Provincial Motor Vehicle Regulations (MVO) 1965 explains that a person with the following medical conditions cannot hold a driving license:

  1. Epilepsy (Mergi)
  2. Mental Illness
  3. Leprosy or Jazam
  4. Night blindness
  5. Color blindness
  6. The degree of deafness that prevents the listener from hearing normal sound signals.
  7. A heart attack that can cause sudden dizziness or fainting.
  8. Inability to understand or see clearly with each eye at a distance of at least 25 yards in sufficient daylight (with the aid of glasses, if worn) a series of 7 letters and figures in white on a black ground of the same size and arrangement as those of the registration mark of a motor car.

How Can Disabled People Hold a Driving License in Punjab?

Now, let’s focus on people with disabilities who can get a driver’s license. In addition to the eight medical conditions listed above, if you have a medical condition that limits your ability to drive, you must:

  • Visit a doctor, check yourself, and get a medical certificate that your physical or mental condition does not prevent you from having a driver’s license.
  • Take this medical certificate to the driver’s license center with the vehicle you want to test.
  • Take the computerized driving license test like a regular applicant.
  • Complete your driving test in your car.
  • The rest of the process is the same for every driving license applicant in Punjab.

Driving License Fees for Disabled Drivers

In Punjab, the annual driving license fee for an invalid carriage driving license is PKR. 480.

For more information, please visit the official website of Punjab Driving License.

Driving License for Disabled Persons

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