MG HS Price in Pakistan Increased After New Withholding Tax

MG HS Essence

MG HS Price in Pakistan: In the 2024–25 financial budget, the federal government announced a new tax on locally assembled cars. Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb said in his speech that the tax levied on cars will now be based on the ex-factory price rather than engine capacity.

For a memory jog, we are re-sharing the new percentage of this tax and its impact on car prices with some examples.

MG HS Price in Pakistan

We hope this helps you understand the new tax net on cars. After the budget, we were waiting for the price of this new car after tax, and now the wait is over as MG Pakistan has announced the MG HS Price in Pakistan after new withholding taxes.

MG HS Price in Pakistan

MG HS Price in Pakistan (New)

The company mentioned in a notification that the government has announced the new Withholding tax, and it will impact the prices of MG HS as mentioned below:

  • The price of MG HS Essence was Rs. 8,099,000, and with a 2% Withholding Tax, the new amount of tax is Rs.161,980, bringing the price to Rs. 8,260,980.
  • The new price of MG HS 2.0T reach to Rs. 9,763,950, with a new tax of Rs. 4,64,950.
  • New withholding tax on MG HS Excite is Rs. 1,43,980, taking the price to Rs. 7,342,980.

For a better understanding, here is a breakdown of the existing and new withholding tax and the difference in tax that consumers will now have to pay.

MG HS Price in Pakistan

Important note: Freight charges are not included in the revised price, which means the price shown above may be slightly different. You can check the price by visiting the company’s dealers or visit MG Pakistan‘s official website to get the latest price. I hope this blog will help you understand the new net tax on all MG HS options.

What do you think about the new tax on locally assembled cars? Tell us in the comments section.

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