How to Change Date Of Birth in NADRA CNIC?

How to Change Date Of Birth in NADRA CNIC

Having a CNIC with accurate information is a basic right for every Pakistani citizen. The wrong date of birth in NADRA CNIC causes a lot of problems for jobs and university admission. If NADRA has wrongly typed the date of birth while issuing NADRA CNIC, then it should be changed, as it will cause a lot of problems. This article is a guide for citizens on how to correct records in NADRA and how to change date of birth in NADRA CNIC and Birth Certificate.

Wrong Date of Birth or Records

NADRA inadvertently mentions the wrong date of birth while applying for NADRA CNIC. For example, if you were born on August 22, 1995, but NADRA mentioned August 22, 1998. This is where the problem arises. Another scenario is where your father’s name is entered incorrectly. You have to go to the civil court and get a declaration decree to correct the records in NADRA.

How to Change Date Of Birth in NADRA CNIC?

How to Change Date Of Birth in NADRA CNIC?

To start the details on How to Change Date Of Birth in NADRA CNIC, first of all, we will discuss the documents required to change the date of birth.

Documents Required to Change Date of Birth

You must have the following documents with you while filing a suit of declaration to correct your date of birth in NADRA CNIC.

  1. Birth Certificate of NADRA
  2. Matriculation Degree
  3. CNIC
  4. Father’s CNIC (in case father name change needed)
  5. Union council birth registration certificate 

Time Limitation to file Suit of Declaration

The process of changing the name of NADRA falls under the category of declaration decision. The term of filing a declaration decision is six years, subject to the following legal provisions:

  1. Section 42 of The Specific Relief Act, 1877
  2. Article 120 of the Limitation Act, 1908.

2015 MLD 1481 also stated that there is a time limit of 6 years to initiate court proceedings to change the date of birth.

Procedure at NADRA Office

Residents apply to the NADRA office to change their date of birth and request to bring an affidavit stating that the original date of birth was wrongly entered in the NADRA records. Still, NADRA refused to correct the date of birth and said it would have to make a court decision. So don’t waste time and go to court to correct your date of birth in CNIC NADRA.

Suit of Declaration

Of course, the correct procedure for the correction of the date of birth is to file a plaint in civil court. This plant also contains all the facts born on that date. Date of Union Council on Birth Certificate, NADRA B.Form and Matriculation Degree. You must attach all these documents to substantiate your claim.

Court Procedure of Serving Notices

When you submit your case to the court, they will summon NADRA to appear and give a written statement on a later date.

On the next date in court, NADRA’s lawyer will also appear in court and answer. The court will fix the next date on which NADRA’s counsel will examine and cross-examine the plaintiff.

Evidence in Court

You must have all your documents with you at the time of the cross-examination.

At the end of the trial, the court will announce the verdict. The court will also direct the NADRA authorities to change the date of birth.

The Court Order to Change Date of Birth in NADRA

The process takes 3 or 4 months and you will get a court order to change the NADRA record.

Delay in Filing the Declaration Suit and Passing of the Limitation

Delay in filing application for correction of office error shall not limit the right of citizen to correct NADRA or CNIC database.

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